DLL Files List Starting With m

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "M". Currently we have 3151 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by ArcSoft, Microsoft, Korg and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
m1.dll Korg M1 14.5MB
M1000Twn.dll USB2.0 Webcam 364KB
M1000Vex.dll USB2.0 Web Camera 104KB
m1319wia.dll Marvell Wiascanner 160KB
M2000Twn.dll USB2.0 Webcam 368KB
m2dxfx.dll 115KB
m2tsplg.dll Sony Video Capture Library 172KB
m2vsoftenc.dll 124KB
m3091dc.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 57KB
m3092dc.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 57.5KB
m3jp2k32.dll Morgan Multimedia Morgan M-JPEG2000 VFW codec 413KB
m3jpeg32.dll Morgan Multimedia Morgan Multimedia MJPEG 32-bit codec 224.5KB
m3plugin.dll MyWebSearch.com My Web Search Skin Tools 28KB
m3search.dll M3 Technic M3 Data Recovery 1.5MB
M3SKIN.dll MyWebSearch.com My Web Search Bar 44KB
m42_v11.dll VST 2.5MB
M4AExport.dll ArcSoft M4AExport 42KB
m4d.dll 96KB
m5if32.dll 330B
M7_EmuSmw7.dll YAMAHA M7_EmuSmw7 DLL 7.6MB
m_interpreter.dll MathWorks MATLAB Language Interpreter Library 2.4MB
m_ir.dll 348KB
m_parser.dll MathWorks MATLAB Language Parser Library 2MB
ma32.dll 56KB
ma3d32.dll 128KB
ma3e32.dll 200KB
ma3syn.dll YAMAHA ma3smwemu dynamic link library 704KB
mabento.dll Big Tick Big Tick Makunouchi Bento 480KB
mac.dll Graphisoft 504KB
mac3r.dll 160KB
macallanversion.dll Macallan Applications Macallan Version Application Version (Build 18) 188KB
macd32.dll MACD32 Dynamic Link Library 191.5KB
macdll.dll 65.4KB
mach32.dll Comodo COMODO Antivirus Scan Engine 2.3MB
machinecontrol.dll 132KB
machinegun.dll 208KB
machinist2.dll 84KB
machnmng.dll Motorola Motorola A920 Desktop Suite 420.1KB
mackiec.dll Adobe Adobe Audition™ German Language Module 3.5KB
macpaint.dll 44.1KB
macro.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft Macro 136KB
macrocore.dll Logitech Logitech SetPoint 952KB
macrofuncs.dll GTek Technologies GTCoach 61KB
macromedia.dll Logitech Logitech SetPoint 244KB
macromedia_licensing_installer.dll Macrovision 262.5KB
macropicker.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 92KB
macrorec.dll Interact Commerce ACT! for Windows 56KB
Macros.dll Shengalts Aleksander 66KB
MACSMANAGER.dll MarkAny Cooperation MACSMGR Module 188KB
madchat.dll 44KB
madcodehooklib.dll Madshi madCodeHookLib 61KB
madmsg.dll Microsoft Microsoft Exchange 1.3MB
mag_hook.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 8KB
MagClrPicker.dll ArcSoft arcsoft MagClrPicker 50.8KB
magcore.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagCore 34.5KB
MagDataLink.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagDataLink 38.8KB
magengin.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft magengin 302.8KB
magfileio.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft magFileIO 34.8KB
magfpxio.dll ArcSoft Panorama Maker 426.8KB
magicframe.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagicFrame 54.5KB
magickjbig.dll Markus Kuhn ImageMagick 62KB
magickmpeg.dll Greg Ward ImageMagick 84.5KB
magickpng.dll Guy Eric Schalnat, Group 42, and Andreas Dilger ImageMagick 76KB
magicktiff.dll Silicon Graphics ImageMagick 172.5KB
magickttf.dll David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, & Werner Lemberg ImageMagick 104.5KB
magickzip.dll Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler ImageMagick 39KB
magiclocallibrary.dll Crownwood Consulting Magic 108KB
magicskin.dll MagicSkin Dynamic Link Library 36.1KB
MagicTools.dll CyberLink PowerDirector 480.3KB
MagixOFA_u.dll Magix MAGIX Online Album DLL 1.9MB
magneto.dll Spectral Design Nuendo 2.1MB
Magnification.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 45KB
magpcmac.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagPCMac 54.5KB
magpltfm.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft magPltfm 118.8KB
magtools.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft magTools 234.8KB
magtreectrl.dll ArcSoft MagTreeCtrl 142.8KB
maguicommon.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagUICommon 198.5KB
maguicommonet.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagUICommonET 142.5KB
maguiengine.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagUIEngine 278.5KB
maguiimage.dll ArcSoft ArcSoft MagUIImage 102.5KB

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DLL Developers
  • Microsoft Corporation
    Microsoft (10287)msvcp140, vcruntime140, api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0, xlive
  • Mozilla, Netscape
    Mozilla (169)xul, mozcrt19, mozglue, xpcom
  • McAfee, Inc.
    McAfee (168)mcshield, mcmscins, graphics, mcscan32
  • MainConcept AG
    MainConcept (156)mpgaout, mpgmux, mcmpgdec, mpegin
  • MusicMatch, Inc.
    MusicMatch (71)wnaspint, CoreDll, fadeout, normalize
  • Mathsoft Engineering & Education, Inc.
    Mathsoft Engineering & Education (68)graphics, fft, resdll, mutils
  • Motorola, Inc.
    Motorola (52)ecemsg, pst, jalcomm, ecarchivemanagerresources
  • Macromedia Inc.
    Macromedia (48)flashresources, swmenu, npswf32, np32dsw
  • Miranda IM Project
    Miranda (39)aim, TabSRMM_icons, tabsrmm_unicode, lan
  • MPC-HC Team
    MPC-HC Team (39)mpciconlib, mpcresources.fr, mpcresources.he, mpcresources.ru
New DLL Files
Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll - Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler
Developer: GitHub Community · Ver: 2.10.1 · Size: 326KB
Msys-2.0.dll - MSYS2
Developer: Red Hat Software · Ver: 3001.5 · Size: 3.4MB
Mswcrun.dll - WebClass Runtime Object Library
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.1.98 · Size: 304.1KB
Msvcr90.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 9.0.30 · Size: 627.1KB
Msvcr90.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 9.0.30 · Size: 638.6KB
Msvcr80.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 8.0.50 · Size: 778KB
Msvcr80.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 8.0.50 · Size: 612KB
Most Downloaded
Msvcp140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 429.3KB
Mss32.dll - Miles Sound System
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 9.3.0 · Size: 436.5KB
Msvcp100.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.2 · Size: 421.8KB
Msvcr100.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 10
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.2 · Size: 743.3KB
Msvcr110.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 11.0.5 · Size: 855KB
Msvcr120.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 12.0.2 · Size: 932.5KB
Magcore.dll - ArcSoft MagCore
Developer: ArcSoft · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 34.5KB
Msvcp110.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 11.0.5 · Size: 603.1KB
Msvcp120.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 12.0.2 · Size: 444.7KB