DLL Files List Starting With q

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "Q". Currently we have 409 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Microsoft, QSound Labs, Apple and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
q.dll Spectral Design Wavelab 1.1MB
q2e_gamex86.dll 384KB
q2mny.dll 172KB
q_encutl.dll Intuit Online Services 50KB
qaaws.dll Business Objects BusinessObjects Enterprise 240KB
qad2wpg.dll Corel WordPerfect (R) Office 11 336.1KB
qagame_mp_x86.dll 736KB
qagamex86.dll 692KB
QAGENT.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 163KB
QAGENTRT.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 311KB
qasf.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 185KB
qaxcontainer.dll 212KB
QBackup.dll Symantec Symantec Security Technologies 123.1KB
qblib.dll AuthoringWare qblib Dynamic Link Library 137KB
qbool.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 84.1KB
QCA.HDP.CustomControls.dll Qualcomm Atheros 31.1KB
QCA.HDP.HDPData.dll Qualcomm Atheros 84.6KB
qcap.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 188KB
QCapture.dll 146.8KB
qcard32.dll Pigeon Lake Software Pigeon Lake Software Qcard32 185.5KB
QCDiagnostics2k.dll Qualcomm Atheros QUALCOMM Gobi 2000 1022.2KB
qchart.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 260.1KB
qcimage.dll Logitech Logitech QuickCam 148KB
qcinst.dll Symantec Symantec AntiVirus 60KB
QCLIPROV.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 77.5KB
qcncodecs4.dll The Qt Qt4 138KB
qcncodecsd4.dll Nokia Qt4 208KB
QCONRES.dll 61.6KB
QCPipe.dll 116.6KB
QCSup.dll 235KB
QCUI2.dll 460.5KB
QCWebCOM.dll 380KB
QCWWAN.dll Qualcomm Atheros QCWWANCMAPI 560KB
QCWWAN2K.dll Qualcomm Atheros QCWWANCMAPI2k 729.2KB
QCWWAN3K.dll Qualcomm Atheros GobiConnectionMgmt 840.5KB
qd3d.dll Apple Apple Computer, Inc. QuickDraw 3D 946.5KB
QD3Dts.dll Corel Corel Common Framework 6KB
qd3dts100.dll Corel CorelDRAW(R) 24KB
qd3dts110.dll Corel CorelDRAW(R) 24.1KB
qd3dts91.dll Corel CorelDRAW(R) 24KB
qdcsint2.dll Symantec Norton CleanSweep Fast & Safe Cleanup 108KB
QDCSPI.dll 51.5KB
qdds.dll The Qt Qt5 57.5KB
qdf1filter.dll 21.5KB
qdf1tfilter.dll 21.5KB
qdf2filter.dll 22.5KB
qdf2tfilter.dll 21KB
qdfantisymmetricfirfilter.dll 18.5KB
qdffirfilter.dll 14.5KB
qdffirtfilter.dll 15.5KB
qdfsymmetricfirfilter.dll 18.5KB
qdirect2d.dll The Qt Qt5 1.1MB
QDPRINT.dll Zenographics SuperQueue 26KB
qdv.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 290KB
qdvd.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 485.5KB
qedit.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 604.5KB
qedwipes.dll Microsoft DirectShow 717KB
qeng.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 64.1KB
qex.dll Qihu 360 360 Internet Security 2016 1.8MB
qfacebook.dll 87KB
qfaservices.dll Mozilla Mozilla 9KB
qfilt.dll Adobe Adobe Audition™ German Language Module 4.5KB
qfinance.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 100.1KB
qform.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 112.1KB
qfserverdll.dll 70.5KB
qfsup.dll 318KB
qfunc1.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 112.1KB
qgbuild2.dll 23.5KB
qgenericbearer.dll The Qt Qt5 100.5KB
qgenericbearer4.dll The Qt Qt4 46.5KB
qgif.dll The Qt Qt5 33.5KB
qgif4.dll Digia Qt4 31.8KB
qgifd.dll The Qt Qt5 74KB
qgifd4.dll Nokia Qt4 593KB
qglgraphicssystem4.dll The Qt Qt4 14KB
qhtmlight.dll GipsySoft QHTM Control for Windows 120.5KB
qhullmx.dll 9KB
qicns.dll The Qt Qt5 45KB
qicnsd.dll The Qt Qt5 898.8KB
qico.dll The Qt Qt5 34.5KB
qico4.dll Digia Qt4 33.5KB
qicod.dll The Qt Qt5 74KB
qicod4.dll Digia Qt4 659.2KB
qif.dll Microsoft Microsoft Money 44KB
qipcap.dll Mozilla Thunderbird 16KB
qipcap64.dll Mozilla Firefox 17KB
qjp2.dll Digia Qt5 505KB
qjpcodecs4.dll Digia Qt4 170.2KB
qjpcodecsd4.dll Nokia Qt4 244KB
qjpeg.dll The Qt Qt5 238KB
qjpeg4.dll Digia Qt4 202.7KB
qjpegd.dll The Qt Qt5 567.5KB
qjpegd4.dll Digia Qt4 1.5MB
qjson.dll 85KB
qkrcodecs4.dll The Qt Qt4 76KB
qkrcodecsd4.dll Nokia Qt4 132KB
qlatticeallpassfilter.dll 16.5KB
qlatticearfilter.dll 16.5KB
qlatticearmafilter.dll 18.5KB
qlatticecafilter.dll 24.5KB
qlatticecapcfilter.dll 25KB
qlatticemafilter.dll 18.5KB
qlatticemaxphasefilter.dll 18.5KB
qlatticeminphasefilter.dll 18.5KB
qmdx.dll QSound Labs QMixer 105KB
qmgr.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 216.5KB
qmgrprxy.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 17KB
qminimal.dll The Qt Qt5 32KB
qmixer.dll QSound Labs QMixer 194KB
qml_winextras.dll The Qt Qt5 105.5KB
qmldbg_debugger.dll The Qt Qt5 196KB
qmldbg_inspector.dll The Qt Qt5 77KB
qmldbg_local.dll The Qt Qt5 24KB
qmldbg_messages.dll The Qt Qt5 24.5KB
qmldbg_native.dll The Qt Qt5 36KB
qmldbg_nativedebugger.dll The Qt Qt5 55.5KB
qmldbg_profiler.dll The Qt Qt5 81.5KB
qmldbg_quickprofiler.dll The Qt Qt5 31.5KB
qmldbg_server.dll The Qt Qt5 69.5KB
qmldbg_tcp.dll The Qt Qt5 24KB
qmlfolderlistmodelplugin.dll The Qt Qt5 63.5KB
qmllocalstorageplugin.dll The Qt Qt5 54KB
qmlsettingsplugin.dll The Qt Qt5 30.5KB
qmlshapesplugin.dll The Qt Qt5 134.5KB
qmltestplugin.dll The Qt Qt5 34KB
qmlxmllistmodelplugin.dll The Qt Qt5 81.5KB
qmmp1.dll qmmp 388.5KB
qmmpui1.dll qmmpui 1.3MB
qmng.dll The Qt Qt5 221KB
qmng4.dll Digia Qt4 221.7KB
qmngd4.dll Digia Qt4 1.5MB
qmp2.dll 59.5KB
qmp2dc.dll 104.5KB
QmPdkDll.dll CELSYS QUMARION Pdk Module 5.4MB
QmWrap.dll Lenovo QmWrap Dynamic Link Library 77.4KB
qn.dll Waves Audio Qn 1.8MB
qnativewifibearer.dll The Qt Qt5 96.5KB
qnativewifibearer4.dll The Qt Qt4 48KB
qnspro.dll Microsoft Microsoft NetShow 63.4KB
qoffscreen.dll The Qt Qt5 612KB
qosname.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 8KB
qoswmi.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 82KB
qpadden.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 84.1KB
qpeg32.dll Q-Team QPEG Video Codec 1.1 33.5KB
qperf.dll Microsoft Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) Operating System 14.3KB
Qpl.dll Qualcomm Atheros Qualcomm PureVoice Library 181.3KB
qprcen.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 2.5MB
QPShellExt.dll Tencent QQ影音 65.4KB
qpsolver.dll 8.5KB
qpstrcmt.dll 1MB
qpstrnam.dll 1.1MB
qpstru2.dll 792KB
QPTinyMediaEngine.dll Tencent QPTinyMediaEngine 553.4KB
qputl110.dll Corel QPUtilities Module 68KB
qpw110.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 9.4MB
qpwcall.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 28.1KB
qpwhost.dll Corel Quattro(R) Pro 11 24.1KB
QQMusicCvtData.dll Tencent QQMusic 150KB
QQPlayer.dll Tencent QQMusic 111.6KB
QQProtectUI.dll Tencent 腾讯QQ 124.6KB
qquicklayoutsplugin.dll The Qt Qt5 98.5KB
qradix2fft.dll 8.5KB
qradix4fft.dll 10KB
qread.dll Microsoft Microsoft Money 284KB
qrencode.dll 41.1KB
QRYCTRL.dll Microsoft Microsoft Clip Gallery 58.5KB
qryint32.dll Microsoft Microsoft Query 90.8KB
qscintilla2.dll 1.8MB
qscomm32.dll Symantec Symantec AntiVirus 149.4KB
QSearch.dll Full of Madness QSearch plugin for AkelPad text editor 65.5KB
QSendDB.dll Logitech Logitech QuickCam 62.5KB
QSendPS.dll 6.5KB
QSGal.dll Logitech Logitech QuickCam 93KB
QSHVHOST.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 150KB
qsinfo.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 48KB
qsmcm_sci_rx.dll 11KB
qsound32.dll QSound Labs Sound Forge 83.5KB
QSPAK32.dll 37.6KB
QSPub.dll Logitech Logitech QuickCam 280.5KB
qsqlite.dll The Qt Qt5 752.5KB

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DLL Developers
New DLL Files
Quartz.dll - DirectShow
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.5.26 · Size: 1.2MB
Qtnetwork4.dll - Qt4
Developer: Nokia · Ver: 4.6.2 · Size: 692KB
Qtcore4.dll - Qt4
Developer: Nokia · Ver: 4.4.3 · Size: 1.9MB
Qmgr.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.7.26 · Size: 399.5KB
Qgif4.dll - Qt4
Developer: Digia · Ver: 4.8.6 · Size: 39.4KB
Qedwipes.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 717KB
Qedit.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.6.96 · Size: 477KB
Most Downloaded
Qt5Core.dll - Qt5
Developer: The Qt · Ver: 5.9.5 · Size: 4.6MB
QtCore4.dll - Qt4
Developer: Digia · Ver: 4.8.6 · Size: 2.9MB
Qt5Widgets.dll - Qt5
Developer: The Qt · Ver: 5.7.0 · Size: 5.3MB
QTCF.dll - QuickTime
Developer: Apple · Ver: 7.68.7 · Size: 176KB
Qt5Gui.dll - Qt5
Developer: The Qt · Ver: 5.9.3 · Size: 5.6MB
Qt-dx331.dll - Qt
Developer: Trolltech · Ver: 3.3.1 · Size: 3.4MB
Qt5Network.dll - Qt5
Developer: The Qt · Ver: 5.9.5 · Size: 938.5KB
Qtintf70.dll - Delphi-Qt2.x Interface Library
Developer: Borland · Ver: 7.0.4 · Size: 3.9MB
Qt5Quick.dll - Qt5
Developer: The Qt · Ver: 5.6.1 · Size: 3.2MB