DLL Files List Starting With y

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "Y". Currently we have 75 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Yahoo, Chet Simpson, Tainted Death and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
yacscom.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Audio Conferencing Control 232KB
yacsui.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Audio Conferencing UI 148KB
yadif.dll A.G.Balakhnin yadif 14KB
Yahoo.dll Gennady Feldman Miranda 162.5KB
YahooBridgeLib.dll Fog Creek Software YahooBridgeLib Module 68KB
YAlertCenter.dll 109.1KB
yalertcenterM.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Alert Center 196KB
YamahaAE2.dll YAMAHA YamahaAE 2.3MB
yaml.dll 125.6KB
YandexDisk3ShellExt-1511.dll Yandex Yandex.Disk 3.0 Shell Extension 887KB
YandexDiskOverlays-2398.dll Yandex Yandex.Disk 1.2MB
YandexDiskShellExt-4724.dll Yandex Yandex.Disk 875KB
yaudiomgr.dll Yahoo yaudiomg Dynamic Link Library 156KB
yaz.dll 164KB
yb_key.dll 32KB
YbSkin2.dll 264B
YbSkinSelect.dll Yahoo YbSkinSelect 84.5KB
ycc_ymsg_functions.dll Here YCC_YMSG_Functions 48KB
YCFxRec.dll CyberLink CyberLink Effect Recorder 111.1KB
ycomp.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Companion 100KB
YCPFoundation.dll 1.2MB
ycrwin32.dll YCRWin32 Module 64KB
YCrypt.dll 88KB
Yeast.Core.dll NVIDIA NVIDIA Yeast Framework 849.3KB
ygpappintf.dll AOL YGP Soap Layer 880.1KB
ygppicdownload.dll AOL YGPPicDownload 168.1KB
ygppicdownloadres.dll AOL AOL Downloader Module 40KB
ygppicedit.dll AOL YGP Picture Editing Control 384.1KB
ygppiceditres.dll AOL Picture Editing Tool Resources English-US 576.1KB
ygppicfinder.dll AOL YGP Picture Finder Tool 344.1KB
ygppicfinderres.dll AOL YGP Picture Finder Tool Resources English-US 104KB
ygppicinfo.dll AOL YGP PicInfo 72.1KB
ygppicintf.dll AOL YGP Imaging Layer 36.1KB
ygppicrip.dll AOL YGP Image Decoder 464KB
YGPSvc.dll AOL YGP Service 77.1KB
ygpupf.dll AOL YGP UPF Control 732.1KB
ygpupfres.dll AOL Universal Picture Finder Tool Resources English-US 396KB
YGPWz.dll AOL AOL Member Expression Wizard Control 385.1KB
YGPWzRes.dll AOL AOL Member Expression Wizard Control Resources en-US 141.1KB
ygxa_2.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Messenger 79.5KB
yhexbmes0411.dll Yahoo YhExBMes 289.2KB
yhook.dll Chet Simpson Y!Tunnel 73KB
yhregd.dll Qihu 360 360 Total Security 400.9KB
YImage.dll Yahoo YImage Dynamic Link Library 244KB
ykx32mpcoinst.dll Marvell Marvell Miniport Co-installer 276KB
ylog.dll Yahoo 52KB
ym11auth.dll 44.5KB
ymdm_video.dll Yahoo 88KB
ymhxgdsp.dll 74.3KB
yml.dll YML Dynamic Link Library 68KB
ymmapi.dll Yahoo YMMAPI Module 176.6KB
ymsdk.dll Yahoo 3.7MB
ymsg.dll Tainted Death YMSG12ENCRYPT Dynamic Link Library 88KB
YMSG_12.dll 50.5KB
ymsgip.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Ymsgip 164KB
ymsglite.dll Yahoo 1.4MB
YouTubeUpload.dll TechSmith YouTube Uploader 72.4KB
YPagerChecker.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Messenger 101.2KB
ypagerps.dll 24KB
YPUBC.dll 156.5KB
YSCrashDump.dll Apple 37.9KB
YSUtilities.dll Apple 16.4KB
yt.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Toolbar 334.6KB
ytparser.dll FreeDownloadManager Free Download Manager 316.5KB
yui.dll Yahoo yui Dynamic Link Library 892KB
yukti.dll 7.8KB
yule.dll Microsoft Microsoft Media Player Bonus Visualization - Yule Log 524KB
yuvdialog.dll 24KB
yuvlib.dll Anvsoft Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker 52KB
YV12InterlacedReduceBy2.dll YV12InterlacedReduceBy2 56KB
yvoiceui.dll 576KB
ywcupl.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Webcam 248KB
ywcvwr.dll Yahoo Yahoo! Webcam 256KB
YWebSh.dll YHook YWebSh 54.5KB
yzdocklet.dll RaduKing RaduKing YzDocklet 17.5KB
DLL Developers
  • Yahoo! Inc.
    Yahoo (27)yui, ylog, yacscom, YCPFoundation
    YAMAHA (6)ma3syn, sxgma32, sxgmx32, sxgapi32
    Yandex (5)browser_elf, YandexDiskShellExt-4724, dllyupdate, YandexDiskOverlays-2398
  • Yuna Software
    Yuna Software (4)MsgPlusLive, MPScripts, MsgPlusRes, MPSkins
  • http://www.internals.com
    Yariv Kaplan (3)winio, WinIo64, WinIo32
  • Yoshinari Kimura
    Yoshinari Kimura (3)psxpad_input_n64, psxcpl, psxpadff
New DLL Files
Ywcvwr.dll - Yahoo! Webcam
Developer: Yahoo · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 216KB
Ytparser.dll - Free Download Manager
Developer: FreeDownloadManager · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 322.7KB
YandexDiskShellExt-4724.dll - Yandex.Disk
Developer: Yandex · Ver: 1.4.18 · Size: 875KB
YandexDiskOverlays-2398.dll - Yandex.Disk
Developer: Yandex · Ver: 1.4.18 · Size: 1.2MB
YandexDisk3ShellExt-1511.dll - Yandex.Disk 3.0 Shell Extension
Developer: Yandex · Ver: 3.0.3 · Size: 887KB
Yahoo.dll - Miranda
Developer: Gennady Feldman · Ver: 0.10.0 · Size: 162.5KB
Ytparser.dll - Free Download Manager
Developer: FreeDownloadManager · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 316.5KB
Most Downloaded
Yui.dll - yui Dynamic Link Library
Developer: Yahoo · Ver: 2008.2 · Size: 892KB
Yhook.dll - Y!Tunnel
Developer: Chet Simpson · Ver: 1.1.0 · Size: 73KB
Yacscom.dll - Yahoo! Audio Conferencing Control
Developer: Yahoo · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 232KB
Ywcvwr.dll - Yahoo! Webcam
Developer: Yahoo · Ver: 2.0.0 · Size: 256KB
Ymsg.dll - YMSG12ENCRYPT Dynamic Link Library
Developer: Tainted Death · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 88KB
YImage.dll - YImage Dynamic Link Library
Developer: Yahoo · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 244KB
Yzdocklet.dll - RaduKing YzDocklet
Developer: RaduKing · Size: 17.5KB
Yadif.dll - yadif
Developer: A.G.Balakhnin · Ver: 0.9.0 · Size: 14KB
Ymsgip.dll - Yahoo! Ymsgip
Developer: Yahoo · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 164KB