DLL Files List Starting With f

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "F". Currently we have 913 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Microsoft, MUSICMATCH, RealNetworks and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
F12.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.4MB
F12App.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 137.5KB
F12App2.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 121KB
F12AppFrame.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 498KB
F12AppFrame2.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 475KB
F12Platform.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 725.5KB
F12Platform2.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 726.5KB
F12Resources.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.4MB
F12Script.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.1MB
F12Script2.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.1MB
F12Tab.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 282.5KB
F12Tab2.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 282.5KB
F12Tools.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer 249.5KB
f14_dig_sf_sfun.dll 164KB
f14_digital_sfun.dll 168KB
f1524_tms_mp.dll MediaShoppe mPrint 741.5KB
f1606_ghoshext.dll Symantec Symantec Ghost Shell Extension 212KB
f1860_nswigho.dll Symantec Norton Ghost 380.1KB
f210.dll Eastman Kodak DC200/DC210/DC240/DC280 SDK Control Layer Ver.1.0.1600 36KB
f2150_int86_32.dll 44KB
F2200_chm.dll version Dynamic Link Library 24KB
f3ahvoas.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 7KB
F3BF730D.dll Symantec STAMP-AP update 9.3KB
f451.dll 182KB
f452.dll 32KB
f453.dll 32KB
f45b_p.dll 156KB
f45f1_p.dll 40KB
f45f2_p.dll 40KB
f4eb_n.dll 14KB
f4eb_p.dll 14KB
f98utlt.dll SMARTsoft F98Utlt DLL 1.3MB
f_in_box.dll Softanics F-IN-BOX DLL Edition 184KB
f_s_comp.dll 80.5KB
FaceBeautifyPanel.dll ArcSoft Face Beautify 154.5KB
FaceBeauty.dll ArcSoft Face Beautify 170.5KB
Facebook.dll Miranda Facebook 282.5KB
facecredentialprovider.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 269.5KB
facedetection.dll 28.5KB
facehelp.dll 38KB
FaceRecognition.dll Nero Nero Kwik Media 712.9KB
FaceRecognition.Plugin.dll Nero Nero Kwik Media 13.9KB
FaceRecognition.resources.dll Nero Nero Kwik Media 20.9KB
FaceRecognitionEngineAdapter.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 366.5KB
FaceTools.dll ArcSoft FaceTools 1.1MB
facility.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visio 868KB
facompress.dll 385KB
fader.dll 44KB
FAHDll.dll Nico Mak Computing File Association Helper 668.2KB
FAHDll64.dll Winzip File Association Helper 399.2KB
FAIBL13.dll Realm Business Solutions FAIBL 432KB
FAIBL15.dll ARGUS Software FAIBL 492KB
fairway2.dll 22.1KB
Family.Cache.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 93.5KB
Family.Client.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 154KB
Family.SyncEngine.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 254KB
FamilySafetyExt.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 7KB
farsi.dll 62KB
Fasda132.dll Best Software FASDA132 260KB
FasDBCV.dll Sage Software FasDBCV Module 400KB
fassec32.dll Sage Software Best! FAS products 272KB
fast_lookahead_limiter_1913.dll Steve Harris LADSPA DLL (x64) 71.5KB
FastEDIUpsizer.dll Kevin Stone 64KB
FastExt1.dll Shirouzu Hiroaki Shell Extension for FastCopy 128KB
fastfind.dll 5.5KB
fastprox.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 552KB
fastsax.uno.dll Apache Software Foundation 168KB
FastVideo.dll FastVideo 28.5KB
fastvideo_mjpeg.dll Fastvideo Fastvideo MJPEG 56KB
fastvideo_sdk32.dll Fastvideo Fastvideo SDK Demo 10.8MB
fastvideo_sdk64.dll Fastvideo Fastvideo SDK Demo 12.4MB
FatFs.dll Nero Nero RescueAgent 127.9KB
fatimporter.dll Nero Nero Burning ROM 152KB
Faultrep.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 331.9KB
faus3270.dll RealNetworks RealOne Player (32-bit) 364KB
favlist.dll Microsoft Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) Operating System 11.8KB
favorites.dll Favorites Module 48.1KB
favplay.dll favplay Dynamic Link Library 224KB

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DLL Developers
New DLL Files
FvSDK_x86.dll - NVIDIA FrameView SDK
Developer: NVIDIA · Size: 617.4KB
FvSDK_x64.dll - NVIDIA FrameView SDK
Developer: NVIDIA · Size: 800.4KB
Fxplugins.dll - Java(TM) Platform SE 8
Developer: Oracle · Ver: 8.0.72 · Size: 180KB
Freeglut.dll - Freeglut OpenGL Utility Toolkit
Developer: The Freeglut Project · Ver: 2.6.0 · Size: 304KB
Fontmanager.dll - Java(TM) Platform SE 8
Developer: Oracle · Ver: 8.0.77 · Size: 268KB
FreeImage.dll - FreeImage
Developer: FreeImage · Ver: 3.17.0 · Size: 6.1MB
FirmaXadesNet.dll - FirmaXadesNet
Developer: Dpto. de Nuevas TecnologĂ­as de la ConcejalĂ­a de · Ver: 2.0.1 · Size: 51KB
Most Downloaded
Fmodex.dll - FMOD Ex
Developer: Firelight Technologies · Ver: 0.4.6 · Size: 279.5KB
FC64.dll - Far Cry 4
Developer: Ubisoft · Ver: 0.1.0 · Size: 32.4MB
Flengine.dll - FL Studio
Developer: Image-Line · Ver: 6.0.0 · Size: 1.1MB
Ftd2xx.dll - FTDIChip CDM Drivers
Developer: FTDI · Ver: 3.1.7 · Size: 172KB
Flashresources.dll - Macromedia Flash
Developer: Macromedia · Ver: 7.0.0 · Size: 6.1MB
Fm20.dll - Microsoft Forms
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 11.0.5 · Size: 1.1MB
Fltlib.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 5.1.26 · Size: 16.5KB
Fmodex64.dll - FMOD
Developer: Firelight Technologies · Ver: 0.4.44 · Size: 1.4MB
Ftlx041e.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 5.1.26 · Size: 6KB