DLL Files List Starting With n

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "N". Currently we have 1673 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
n124ufw.dll Canon ScanGear 332KB
n2pclient.dll Net2Phone Net2Phone Client Engine 280KB
N32CALL.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 61.2KB
N32DLIST.dll Symantec Norton Utilities for Windows 132KB
n32dll.dll NestDLL Dynamic Link Library 1.6MB
N32DLSTU.dll 176.5KB
N32EXCLU.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 49.6KB
n32inoc.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 180KB
n32opts.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 148KB
n32pdll.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 24KB
n32secur.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 36KB
n32serve.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 104KB
N32USERL.dll Symantec Norton Utilities for Windows 24KB
n32vlist.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus Core Technology 150KB
n32work.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 980KB
n32xutil.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 136KB
n32zip.dll Symantec Norton AntiVirus 72KB
n9i128.dll 34.6KB
n9i128v2.dll Number Nine Visual Technology #9 Imagine 128v2 Display Driver 57.7KB
n9i3disp.dll Number Nine Visual Technology #9 Revolution 3D Display Driver 89.3KB
nabapi32.dll Netscape Netscape Communications Address Book API 60.5KB
nabp32.dll Lotus Development Microsoft Messaging API for Windows(TM) 184KB
nac.dll Microsoft Windows NetMeeting 204KB
nacl64.dll Google Google Chrome 2.3MB
naCmnLib3_71.dll McAfee McAfee Agent 169.3KB
NAddrBookAccess.dll Nero NAddrBookAccess Dynamic Link Library 309.9KB
NaEvent.dll McAfee VSCORE. 66.8KB
nag.dll 1.4MB
nag2.dll 1012KB
nag2mp.dll 1.3MB
nagctlr.dll MathWorks Nag Controller Application 96KB
nagmp.dll 1.7MB
nagshr32.dll McAfee McAfee Agent 85.3KB
naHelper.dll Symantec Oxygen Client 801.8KB
NahimicAPONSControl.dll Nahimic NAHIMICAPO 7.1 971.8KB
naiann.dll McAfee McAfee On-Access Scanner 68.1KB
naievent.dll McAfee McAfee On-Access Scanner 44KB
nailite.dll McAfee McAfee, Inc. Common Licensing 516KB
nailog3.dll McAfee McAfee Agent 18.8KB
Nainet.dll McAfee McAfee Agent 213.3KB
naitcpp.dll McAfee McAfee Agent 25.8KB
nalntres.dll Novell Novell nalntsrv 12KB
name.dll Microsoft Microsoft Office 2003 55.6KB
NAMECONTROLPROXY.dll Microsoft Microsoft Office 2016 26.8KB
NAMEEXT.dll Microsoft Microsoft Office 2016 312.3KB
NameRulePlugin.dll Nero Nero Move it plug-in 16.4KB
namespace.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows Media Services 54.5KB
Namespc2.dll 129.8KB
namingservice.uno.dll Apache Software Foundation 32.5KB
namingservicelo.dll The Document Foundation LibreOffice 49.6KB
NAPCRYPT.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 50.5KB
napdsnap.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 66KB
NAPHLPR.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 104KB
NAPINIT.dll Microsoft Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Operating System 72KB
NapiNSP.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 51KB
napipsec.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 34.5KB
NAPLDMO.dll Nero NAPL DMO Wrapper 830.4KB
napmmc.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 734KB
NAPMONTR.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 230.5KB
NapNacService.dll Intel Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management Service 36KB
naPolicyManager.dll McAfee McAfee Agent 217.3KB
Narrator.resources.dll Microsoft Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Operating System 156KB
narrhook.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 35KB
narva.dll 200.1KB
NasCfgWz.dll 97.2KB
NASinfo.dll Hewlett-Packard (HP) nasinfo 62.5KB
NasLVPlg.dll Symantec Norton AntiSpam 101.2KB
NASOpts.dll Symantec Norton AntiSpam 417.2KB
naSPIPE.dll McAfee McAfee Agent 173.3KB
NASPlug.dll Symantec Norton AntiSpam 637.2KB
NASvcPS.dll Nero NeroUpdate 46.9KB
natdbgde.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 596KB
natdbgdeui.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 16KB
natdbgdm.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 160KB
natdbgee.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 224KB
natdbgeeui.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 16KB
natdbgemui.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 12KB
natdbgtlloc.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 20KB
natdbgtlnet.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 32KB
NatDL32.dll Ocean Optics Ocean Optics, Inc NatDL 64KB

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DLL Developers
  • NVIDIA Corporation
    NVIDIA (728)PhysXExtensions, PhysXLoader, openal32, NxCooking
  • Nero AG
    Nero (546)ogg, AdvrCntr4, AdvrCntr3, log4cxx
  • Nokia
    Nokia (231)QtCore4, Live, QtGui4, QtXml4
  • Novell, Inc.
    Novell (114)ncpwin32, clxwin32, nwgina, locwin32
  • Netopia, Inc.
    Netopia (24)ntlog, chat, tb2cob, tb2ftp
  • Netscape Communications Corp.
    Netscape (23)nspr4, js3250, ssl3, smime3
  • NewTech Infosystems, Inc.
    NewTech Infosystems (23)Mpeg2Dec, cdrw32, cdrwex32, data32
  • NDT Nausedat
    NDT Nausedat (17)fxsync, fxlist, cxsqx40, cxzip40
  • NCT Company Ltd.
    NCT (16)nctaudiofile2, nctaudioplayer, nctaudiorecord, nctaudiograbber
  • Nullsoft, Inc.
    Nullsoft (15)nscrt, vis_avs, ampx, nmpx
New DLL Files
Newtonsoft.Json.dll - Json.NET
Developer: Newtonsoft · Ver: 13.0.1 · Size: 685.5KB
Nvml.dll - NVIDIA Management Library 417.71
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 8.17.1 · Size: 945.9KB
Nvwgf2umx_cfg.dll - NVIDIA DX Driver
Developer: NVIDIA · Size: 28.2MB
Nvwgf2um_cfg.dll - NVIDIA DX Driver
Developer: NVIDIA · Size: 16.3MB
Nvptxjitcompiler64.dll - NVIDIA PTX JIT Compiler
Developer: NVIDIA · Size: 6.4MB
Nvptxjitcompiler32.dll - NVIDIA PTX JIT Compiler
Developer: NVIDIA · Size: 5.4MB
Nvoptix.dll - NVIDIA OptiX
Developer: NVIDIA · Size: 156MB
Most Downloaded
NxCooking.dll - PhysXCooking Dynamic Link Library
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 2.8.1 · Size: 379.1KB
Ntdll.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 1.5MB
Nexus.dll - reFX Nexus 2
Developer: reFX · Ver: 2.2.0 · Size: 5.5MB
Np-mswmp.dll - Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 159.4KB
Newdev.dll - Microsoft(R) Windows (R) 2000 Operating System
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 5.0.21 · Size: 111.3KB
Ntlog.dll - Timbuktu Pro
Developer: Netopia · Ver: 2.0.0 · Size: 8KB
Nxcharacter.dll - NxCharacter Dynamic Link Library
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 2.8.1 · Size: 121.3KB
Nvcuda.dll - NVIDIA Windows XP CUDA 1.1 driver
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 6.14.1 · Size: 1.2MB
Npswf32.dll - Shockwave Flash
Developer: Macromedia · Ver: 5.0.41 · Size: 312KB