DLL Files List Starting With t

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "T". Currently we have 1509 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Microsoft, TiTAN-TFL, TTR Technologies and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
t-base_client_api32.dll AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. t-base_client_api dll 29.1KB
t-base_client_api64.dll AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. t-base_client_api dll 33.1KB
t-cd.dll TiTAN-TFL C-Dilla Keygen 27KB
t29.dll TTR Technologies DiscGuard (tm) 143.5KB
t2embed.dll Microsoft Microsoft t2embed 209.9KB
t2k.dll Oracle Java(TM) Platform SE 8 190.6KB
t2r4disp.dll Number Nine Visual Technology #9 Revolution 4 Display Driver 168.7KB
t2res.dll Sierra Entertainment SierraUp Custom Resource DLL 296KB
t3016.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 29.5KB
t3ddd32.dll Trident Microsystems Windows 95 Direct Draw / Direct 3D Driver 136.5KB
t5000.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 28KB
t5000ui.dll Microsoft Microsoft OEMUI 41.5KB
t5000uni.dll 33.5KB
t602filter.dll Apache Software Foundation 69.5KB
t602filterlo.dll The Document Foundation LibreOffice 126.6KB
t9english.dll 35.7KB
TA.dll Xunlei Thunder7 262.4KB
ta_adl2.1_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 618.5KB
ta_adl2_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 609.5KB
ta_adl3.1_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 474KB
ta_adl3_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 294KB
ta_adl4_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 796KB
ta_adl5_impl.dll Nokia DSS Product API 192.5KB
ta_adl_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 490.5KB
ta_audiovisual_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 1.3MB
ta_audiovisual_lib.dll Nokia TSS Product API 385KB
ta_callcontrol_impl.dll Nokia 1.9MB
ta_callcontrol_lib.dll Nokia TSS Call Control Library 359.5KB
ta_cdma_lib.dll Nokia TSS CDMA Library 88KB
ta_commonrf_impl.dll Nokia TSS Common RF API 2.7MB
ta_commonrf_lib.dll Nokia TSS Common RF API 559KB
ta_communication_impl.dll Nokia ta_communication_impl Module 331KB
ta_communication_lib.dll Nokia TSS Communication Library 115KB
ta_energymanagement_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 859KB
ta_energymanagement_lib.dll Nokia 125.5KB
ta_filetransfer_impl.dll Nokia ta_filetransfer_impl Module 439KB
ta_filetransfer_lib.dll Nokia 80.5KB
ta_firmware_impl.dll Nokia ta_firmware_impl.dll 289KB
ta_firmware_lib.dll Nokia TSS Firmware Library 427KB
ta_flash_impl.dll Nokia ta_flash_impl Module 335KB
ta_flash_lib.dll Nokia 272KB
ta_framework_impl.dll 971KB
ta_framework_libps.dll Nokia ta_framework_libps 154KB
ta_gsmrf_impl.dll Nokia TSS GSM RF API 1.2MB
ta_gsmrf_lib.dll Nokia TSS GSM RF API 258KB
ta_hardwaretest_impl.dll Nokia ta_hardwaretest_impl Module 1.4MB
ta_hardwaretest_lib.dll Nokia TSS Product API 262KB
ta_hwaprogrammer_impl.dll Nokia DSS Product API 529KB
ta_keyboardtest_impl.dll Nokia ta_keyboardtest_impl Module 570.5KB
ta_keyboardtest_lib.dll Nokia 94KB
ta_main.dll Nokia ta_main Module 523.5KB
ta_noncellularwireless_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 1.6MB
ta_noncellularwireless_lib.dll Nokia TSS Product API 368.5KB
ta_product_lib.dll Nokia TSS Product Library 68KB
ta_productapiloader.dll Nokia Product API Loader 109.5KB
ta_productdata2_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 275.5KB
ta_productdata_dataitems_impl.dll Nokia TSS Product API 2.8MB
ta_productdata_dataitems_lib.dll Nokia 174.5KB
ta_productdata_handlers_lib.dll Nokia 140KB
ta_productdata_impl.dll ta_productdata_impl Module 368KB
ta_productdata_lib.dll Nokia 94.5KB
ta_productinfo_impl.dll Nokia ta_productinfo_impl Module 1.7MB
ta_productinfo_lib.dll Nokia 245.5KB
ta_programmingdevice_impl.dll Nokia TSS Programming Device API 535KB
ta_programmingdevice_lib.dll Nokia TSS Programming Device Control API 103KB
ta_releaseversion.dll Nokia TSS Product API A 12.5KB
ta_security_impl.dll Nokia DSS Product API 1.4MB
ta_security_lib.dll Nokia TSS Security Library 280KB
ta_server_msg.dll Nokia TSS API 68KB
ta_utility_lib.dll Nokia TSS Product API 72KB
ta_wcdmarf_impl.dll Nokia ta_wcdma module 887KB
ta_wcdmarf_lib.dll Nokia 183.5KB
Tabbtn.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 144.5KB
TabbtnEx.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 52KB
tabctl32.dll IntelliQuest Communications IntelliQuest Tab Control DLL 33.5KB
tabctrl.dll GTek Technologies GTCoach 14KB
TabIpsps.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 44KB
table3.dll 11.5KB
table_map.dll 14.5KB
tablereset.dll 16KB

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DLL Developers
New DLL Files
Tbbmalloc_proxy.dll - Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows
Developer: Intel · Ver: 2020.2 · Size: 35.7KB
Tbbmalloc.dll - Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows
Developer: Intel · Ver: 2020.2 · Size: 100.7KB
Tbb.dll - Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows
Developer: Intel · Ver: 2020.2 · Size: 220.7KB
T2k.dll - Java(TM) Platform SE 8
Developer: Oracle · Ver: 8.0.77 · Size: 247.5KB
Tmax.dll - TmaxSoft tmax.dll Application
Developer: TmaxSoft · Ver: 3.14.4 · Size: 156KB
Tzres.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 3KB
Twinapi.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.3.96 · Size: 543KB
Most Downloaded
Tbb.dll - Threading Building Blocks
Developer: Intel · Ver: 2.1.20 · Size: 180KB
ThumbsUp.dll - ThumbsUp
Developer: Google · Ver: 8.0.14 · Size: 1.8MB
Tier0.dll - tier0_s Dynamic Link Library
Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 336KB
T2embed.dll - Microsoft t2embed
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 0.2.0 · Size: 209.9KB
Tapi32.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 5.1.26 · Size: 159.5KB
TD_Db_3.08_10.dll - Teigha
Developer: Open Design Alliance · Ver: 3.8.2 · Size: 8.3MB
Tcl84.dll - Tcl 8.4 for Windows
Developer: ActiveState · Ver: 8.4.2 · Size: 756KB
Tosbtapi.dll - Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA
Developer: Toshiba · Ver: 5.0.0 · Size: 164KB
Tier0_s64.dll - tier0_s Dynamic Link Library
Developer: Valve · Ver: 3.53.1 · Size: 323.1KB