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On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with numbers. Currently we have 162 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by 12Ghosts, 2X Software, 360.cn and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
0009.dll InstallShield Software InstallShield 34KB
0011.dll InstallShield Software InstallShield 34KB
01w.dll 216KB
0405.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0407.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0408.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0409.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
040904b0.dll C-Dilla 32-Bit PoolManager 20KB
040a.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
040b.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
040c.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
040d.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0410.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0411.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0412.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0413.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0416.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
041d.dll Electronic Arts Dimple 16KB
0Harmony.dll Andreas Pardeike Harmony 71.7KB
12ghosts.dll 12Ghosts 12Ghosts Windows Extensions 187KB
14_43260.dll RealNetworks 14.4 Audio Codec for RealAudio(tm) (32-bit) 96KB
1964ogl.dll 56.5KB
1_MobilusSMS.dll Mobilus MobilusSMS 32KB
1sms.dll Petr Mrazek 1SMS Dynamic Link Library 32KB
2004utils.dll 204KB
2012Plugin.dll Symantec Norton Download Manager 167.9KB
2013Plugin.dll Symantec Norton Download Manager 264.9KB
2014Plugin.dll Symantec Norton Download Manager 265.8KB
2057.dll Araxis Araxis Merge 393.5KB
21755a7.dll Stirling Technologies InstallShield 88KB
21755b7.dll PROMT STYLUS Setup 107KB
24cents.dll Dynamix 36KB
24x7desk.64.dll 219.1KB
24x7desk.dll 205.6KB
259FB946.dll Symantec 21 GC 26 9.3KB
2658A98D.dll Symantec 21 GC32 9.3KB
28_83260.dll RealNetworks 28.8 Audio Codec for RealAudio(tm) (32-bit) 56KB
2bp.dll Microsoft Microsoft ActiveSync 24.1KB
2cdmaker.dll Pinnacle Systems Pinnalce Disc Creation 156.1KB
2cMovie.dll 2cMovie Dynamic Link Library 680.5KB
2dEngCom.dll WagerLogic 2dEngCom Module 62KB
2dintmmx.dll 92KB
2dmgr10.dll Microsoft Geo 2D Annotations 304KB
2dmgr90.dll Microsoft Microsoft Geography Application 548.1KB
2dtest.dll 60KB
2escom1280.dll Pinnacle Systems Studio 29.9MB
2escombmp.dll Pinnacle Systems Studio 6.1MB
2escomus.dll Pinnacle Systems Pinnacle Systems Studio 220KB
2G_Dll_bfldongle.dll bfldongledll Dynamic Link Library 1.3MB
2G_Dll_bfluart.dll bfluartdll Dynamic Link Library 1.3MB
2G_Dll_bflusb.dll bflusbldll Dynamic Link Library 1.3MB
2G_Dll_Slave.dll bfloaderapp Application 1.1MB
2iscmaker.dll Pinnacle Systems Pinnalce Disc Creation 44.1KB
2mouse32.dll 8KB
2ndp_dirtyfier.dll 40KB
2vdmaker.dll Pinnacle Systems Pinnalce Disc Creation 92.1KB
2XAppList.dll 2X Software 2X ApplicationServer 2MB
2XDevRedir.dll 2X Software 2X ApplicationServer 2.2MB
2XVirtualPrinter.dll 2X Software 2X ApplicationServer 2.8MB
31x5lc04.dll Océ-Technologies Océ 31x5 Language 8.5KB
31x5ls04.dll Océ-Technologies Océ 31x5 Language 8.5KB
31x5rc04.dll Océ-Technologies Océ 31x5 Rendering 150.5KB
31x5rs04.dll 153KB
324aud32.dll Intel Intel Video Phone with Intel ProShare(R) Technology 17.5KB
34coinstaller.dll 3KB
34com.dll NXP Semiconductors VampCOM Module 108KB
34dialog.dll NXP Semiconductors 34dialog 92KB
34dlg2.dll NXP Semiconductors dialog3 Dynamic Link Library 276KB
34ds.dll NXP Semiconductors 34ds 23.5KB
34i2curd.dll NXP Semiconductors Philips 34I2Curd 24KB
34pciurd.dll NXP Semiconductors Philips 34PCIurd 24KB
34tvctrl.dll NXP Semiconductors 34TvCtrl 100KB
356svnspu2PeopsSound.dll spu2PeopsSound 151KB
360Base64.dll Qihu 360 360 Total Security 1.1MB
360Conf.dll Qihu 360 360 Internet Security 264.3KB
360P2SP.dll Qihu 360 360 Security Center 802.5KB
360procmon.dll Qihu 360 360 Total Security 449.9KB
360Quarant.dll Qihu 360 360 Total Security 416.1KB
360QuarantPlugin.dll Qihu 360 360 Total Security 249.6KB
360SoftMgrS.dll 360.cn 360软件管家 427.1KB

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DLL Developers
  • 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.
    3Dfx Interactive (26)glide2x, 3dfxvgl, glide3x, 3dfxgl
  • 2X Software Ltd.
    2X Software (11)2XAppList, 2XDevRedir, 2XVirtualPrinter, APPServerClientESP
  • 4X Technologies
    4X Technologies (4)fnx_dx8, fnx_sound_ds8, fnx_sound, fnx_core
  • 3ivX
    3ivX (3)3ivx, 3ivxdmo, 3ivxvfwcodec
New DLL Files
3dfxgl.dll - 3Dfx MiniGL Driver
Developer: 3Dfx Interactive · Ver: 1.4.5 · Size: 134.5KB
3DfxSpl.dll - 3dfx Splash Screen
Developer: 3dfx Interactive · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 1.1MB
7z.dll - 7-Zip
Developer: Igor Pavlov · Ver: 9.17.0 · Size: 170KB
7-zip.dll - 7-Zip
Developer: Igor Pavlov · Ver: 16.4.0 · Size: 48.5KB
1_MobilusSMS.dll - MobilusSMS
Developer: Mobilus · Ver: 2.0.0 · Size: 32KB
7zxa.dll - 7-Zip
Developer: Igor Pavlov · Ver: 18.1.0 · Size: 144KB
7za.dll - 7-Zip
Developer: Igor Pavlov · Ver: 4.42.0 · Size: 278KB
Most Downloaded
0011.dll - InstallShield
Developer: InstallShield Software · Ver: 5.50.1 · Size: 34KB
2bp.dll - Microsoft ActiveSync
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 3.5.0 · Size: 24.1KB
040c.dll - Dimple
Developer: Electronic Arts · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 16KB
3dviewer.dll - Apple Computer, Inc. QuickDraw 3D Viewer Controlle
Developer: Apple · Ver: 1.5.3 · Size: 69KB
21755a7.dll - InstallShield
Developer: Stirling Technologies · Ver: 3.0.85 · Size: 88KB
040a.dll - Dimple
Developer: Electronic Arts · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 16KB
3dfxvgl.dll - OpenGL 1.1 Client Driver
Developer: 3Dfx Interactive · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 1019.5KB
14_43260.dll - 14.4 Audio Codec for RealAudio(tm) (32-bit)
Developer: RealNetworks · Ver: 6.0.7 · Size: 96KB
0408.dll - Dimple
Developer: Electronic Arts · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 16KB