DLL Files List Starting With g

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "G". Currently we have 689 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Microsoft, Borland, Matrox Graphics and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
g200d.dll Matrox Graphics Matrox G200 Display Driver 459.1KB
g200icd.dll Matrox Graphics Matrox G200 ICD 1.7MB
g2i.dll 209KB
g2p.dll g2p Module 268KB
g2plug.dll Sony Sony Real G2 File Format 676KB
g3d.dll Microsoft Microsoft Flight Simulator X 741.8KB
G4000Inis.dll Hewlett-Packard (HP) HP Digital Imaging 2.5KB
g400d.dll Matrox Graphics Matrox G400 Display Driver 1.7MB
g400dhd.dll 2.2MB
g400icd.dll Matrox Graphics Matrox G400 ICD 1.7MB
g502f32w.dll Inso Corporation 103.5KB
g550dhd.dll 2.7MB
g606f32w.dll Adobe 93.5KB
g606t32w.dll Adobe 231KB
g610f32w.dll Adobe 89.5KB
g610t32w.dll Adobe 234.5KB
g611f32w.dll Inso Corporation 90KB
g614f32w.dll Inso Corporation 86KB
g614t32w.dll Inso Corporation 230.5KB
g615f32w.dll Inso Corporation 139KB
g615t32w.dll Inso Corporation 229.5KB
g622f32w.dll Inso Corporation 107.5KB
g726dec.dll G726Dec Module 84KB
ga62.dll Spatial Technology 128KB
gacinstall.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 63.8KB
GadgetCompliance.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 11.5KB
gaducrypt.dll gaducrypt Dynamic Link Library 127.6KB
gaffer.dll 55KB
GainDiskSpace.dll Quick Tune 341.8KB
galactix.dll 416KB
GalaSoft.MvvmLight.Extras.WPF4.dll GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion GalaSoft.MvvmLight.Extras 32.8KB
galaxy.dll 336KB
Galaxy64.dll GOG.com GOG Galaxy 12.8MB
galician.dll 62KB
game.dll 1.8MB
game_mp_x86.dll 472KB
gamecomms.dll Codemasters Codemasters GameComms 132.1KB
GameConsole-wt.dll WildTangent Game Console 308.8KB
gamedll.dll 1.2MB
gamedll_x64_rwdi.dll 27MB
GameDLL_x86.dll 12.1MB
GameExecutorX86.dll GGS QGNA 3.3MB
gamegeneric.dll 102.5KB
gamegui.dll GAME Dynamic Link Library 52KB
gameguimp.dll GAME Dynamic Link Library 52.1KB
gameguiswd.dll GAME Dynamic Link Library 52.1KB
gamehook.dll Logitech Logitech SetPoint 56KB
gameinterface.dll 1.5MB
gamemp.dll 208.1KB
GameOrbit.dll Black Hole Entertainment Might & Magic Heroes VI Orbit DLL 723KB
GameOverlayRenderer.dll Valve Steam Game Overlay Renderer 1.1MB
GameOverlayRenderer64.dll Valve Steam Game Overlay Renderer 1.3MB
gameoverlayui.dll Valve Steam Game Overlay 3.6MB
gameportstatus.dll 57KB
gamerec.dll RSUPPORT liteCam Game SDK 588.5KB
games.dll 288.5KB
GameScaner.dll IObit Smart Defrag 1.5MB
GameServicesGOG.dll 11KB
gamespyhost.dll 36KB
gamespyhost_mp_demo.dll 36KB
gamespyjoin.dll 44KB
gamespyjoin_mp_demo.dll 40KB
gamespylanjoin.dll 36KB
gamespylanjoin_mp_demo.dll 36KB
GameSpyMgr.dll 104KB
gameswd.dll 204.1KB
gamett.dll NIVAL Interactive NIVAL Interactive GameTT 1.7MB
gameui.dll 304KB
gameutil.dll 18KB
gameux.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 2.5MB
GameuxInstallHelper.dll Microsoft Game Explorer Install Helper DLL 94KB
gameuxlegacygdfs.dll Microsoft Legacy GDF resource DLL 4.1MB
gameuxmig.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 13KB
gamex86.dll 2.2MB
GamingTcuiHelpers.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 71KB
gamma.dll 20KB
gamma_tab.dll 20KB
gammaln.dll 20KB
GAnalytics.dll Hewlett-Packard (HP) GAnalytics 23.5KB
gantt chart.dll 601.8KB
GapaEngine.dll Microsoft Microsoft Network Inspection System 919.6KB
gapi32.dll Microsoft GAPI32 77.4KB
gapia32.dll Microsoft Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) Operating System 81.6KB
GapSdp.dll Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Software 89.5KB
garbcol.dll Mathsoft Engineering & Education GarbCol Module 108.1KB
garchllf.dll 8KB
gardenmaster.dll 153KB
gares.dll 260KB
garmin32.dll 102KB
garritan ambience.dll 385.2KB
gathercl.dll Microsoft PKM 78KB
GattI.dll Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Software 83.6KB
gatts.dll Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Software 123.1KB
gaudio.dll 252KB
gauntlet.dll 88KB
GaussianBlurPlus.dll BoltBait GaussianBlurPlus 24KB
gbaemu.dll GBAEmu Dynamic Link Library 579KB
gbdetect.dll Adobe GBDetect Module 84KB
gbemu.dll GBEmu Dynamic Link Library 198KB
gbetherdll.dll GBEtherDLL Dynamic Link Library 108KB
gblurfilter.dll InterVideo Ulead PhotoImpact 40KB
gbplugin.dll FG/98 Productions GBPlugin Dynamic Link Library 54KB
gbxruntime.dll 92KB
gc_getcid.dll 94KB
gccnc.dll Microsoft Microsoft NetMeeting(TM) 309KB
gccore.dll Nero NeroVision 340KB
gcdef.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 75KB
GCFX.dll Nero Nero Video 349.4KB
gchand.dll 90KB
GChp1020.dll Zenographics SuperPrint 927KB
gchw.dll Nero NeroVision 1.1MB
gcilw60.dll GemStone Systems GemStone 6.0 for Windows NT 1MB
gcirtw60.dll GemStone Systems GemStone 6.0 for Windows NT 24.1KB
gcirw60.dll GemStone Systems GemStone 6.0 for Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 2000 144.1KB
gcl52fw.dll 180KB
gclib.dll Nero NeroVision 460KB
gcomm.dll Autodesk gmax 44KB
gcomm2.dll Autodesk gmax 36KB
gconvapi.dll 1.1MB
gcore.dll 4.3MB
gcore3.dll 324.5KB
gcpl_italian.dll Globespan GLOBESPAN DSL MODEM 84KB
gcpl_japanese.dll Globespan GLOBESPAN DSL MODEM 80KB
gcswf32.dll Adobe Shockwave Flash 5.8MB
gct23201.dll RealNetworks Common RealNetworks Products (32-bit) 136KB
gdal11.dll 2.5MB
gdal12.dll Frank Warmerdam GDAL 2.4MB
gdal16.dll OSGeo GDAL/OGR 2.6MB
gdal17.dll OSGeo GDAL/OGR 5.6MB
gdext800.dll VDExtend Dynamic Link Library 64KB
gdext900.dll VDExtend Dynamic Link Library 84KB
Gdf.dll Electronic Arts Command and Conquer 3 TW and KW 36.7KB
GDFBinary_en_US.dll Electronic Arts FIFA 14 114.9KB
GDFExampleBinary.dll 445.3KB
GDI.dll 48KB
gdi32.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 128KB
gdi32full.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 1.4MB
gdi8res.dll Autodesk Heidi 3.5KB
gdichk.dll Microsoft GDIChk.dll 63.7KB
gdiext.dll 80KB
gdilwres.dll Autodesk Heidi 8.6KB
gdipainter.dll Nero NeroVision 64KB
gdiplot8res.dll Autodesk Heidi 4.5KB
GdiPlus.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 1.4MB
gdipluscanvas.uno.dll Apache Software Foundation 341.5KB
gdipluscanvaslo.dll The Document Foundation LibreOffice 432.6KB
gdiplustest.dll MadOnion.com PCMark 172KB
gdires32.dll Nero NeroMediaPlayer 32KB
GDIVideoOutput.dll DivXNetworks GDIVideoOutput 76KB
gdk-win32-2.0.dll The GTK Developer Community GTK+ 565.5KB
gdk_pixbuf-2.0-0.dll The GTK Developer Community GTK+ 104KB
gdpfile.dll LifeMode Interactive LifeMode Interactive Life Studio:Head API 140KB
GDReadPub.dll GDReadPub Module 67.6KB
gds32.dll Borland InterBase Server 338.5KB
gdsapi.dll 4KB
gdtanalysissupport.dll PrizMetrik GDTAnalysis 184KB
gear32sd.dll AccuSoft AccuSoft ImageGear 1.1MB
gear_detection_win32SA.dll 1.1MB
gearaspi.dll GEAR Software GEAR Software GEARAspi 68KB
GEARAspi64.dll GEAR Software GEAR Software GEARAspi 122.9KB
gearaw32.dll GEAR Software Gear Internal API 3.xx for Windows 95/98/NT (Dynamic Link Library) 1.2MB
gearosif.dll GEAR Software Gear Operating System Tools DLL for Windows 95/98/NT (Dynamic Link Library) 128KB
gears.dll Google Google Gears 3MB
GEComDll.dll ArcSoft GEComDll 34.5KB
GEDataStore.dll Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection 239.9KB
gedll.dll 1.1MB
GeForce_iCafeExt.dll NVIDIA Espresso Install Helper 196.1KB
geis.dll 312.1KB
gekko.dll 120KB
gema3201.dll RealNetworks Common RealNetworks Products (32-bit) 68KB
gemc3201.dll RealNetworks Common RealNetworks Products (32-bit) 516KB
gemstone.dll Macromedia Macromedia Gemstone Library 332KB
gemwep.dll WEP Dynamic Link Library 108KB
gemx3201.dll RealNetworks Common RealNetworks Products (32-bit) 308KB
gen_bktb.dll Bees Knees Bees Knees WinampBar 32KB
gen_ff.dll 2.1MB
gen_hlamp.dll Disk2 HLamp 248KB
gen_mircex.dll Brian Harris mIRC Controller [EX] 15.5KB
gen_ml.dll 171KB
gen_serialcontrol.dll SerialControl Dynamic Link Library 62KB

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DLL Developers
New DLL Files
GsTelemetry.dll - NVIDIA Stream Telemetry Plugin
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.24 · Size: 1.2MB
GsProxyPlugin.dll - NVIDIA Stream GS Proxy Plugin
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.24 · Size: 2.5MB
GsNvBackend.dll - NVIDIA GsNvBackend Plugin
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.24 · Size: 1MB
GfnSdk.dll - NVIDIA GeForce Experience
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 0.0.0 · Size: 2.5MB
GfnProductPlugin.dll - NVIDIA GFN Product Plugin
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.29 · Size: 3.2MB
GfeXCode64.dll - NVIDIA GeForce Experience XCode
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 3.1MB
GfeXCode.dll - NVIDIA GeForce Experience XCode
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 1.1MB
Most Downloaded
Gsdx32-sse2-r5350.dll - GSdx
Developer: Gabest · Ver: 1.0.1 · Size: 851.5KB
GSdx-sse2.dll - GSdx
Developer: Gabest · Ver: 1.0.1 · Size: 3MB
GSdx9.dll - GSdx9
Developer: Gabest · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 595.5KB
GSdx10.dll - GSdx10
Developer: Gabest · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 602KB
GameuxInstallHelper.dll - Game Explorer Install Helper DLL
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 94KB
Granny2.dll - Granny
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 222.6KB
GSdx-sse4.dll - GSdx
Developer: Gabest · Ver: 1.0.1 · Size: 3.4MB
GSdx-sse3.dll - GSdx
Developer: Gabest · Ver: 1.0.1 · Size: 3MB
Glide2x.dll - Glide(tm) for Voodoo Graphics and Windows 95/98
Developer: 3Dfx Interactive · Ver: 2.48.0 · Size: 211.5KB