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New & Updated DLL Files
libclamunrar_iface.dll - ClamWin Antivirus
libclamav_llvm.dll - ClamWin Antivirus
xerces-c_2_6.dll - Xerces-C Version 2.6.0
tbaseregistry64.dll - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. tbaseregistry dll
rootpacommon.dll - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. rootpacommon dll
coinst_15.30.dll - CoInstaller
amdumcsp64.dll - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. amdumcsp dll
amdumcsp32.dll - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. amdumcsp dll
amdocl12cl.dll - AMD Compiler Library 1.1 AMD-COMP-LIB-v0.8 (0.0.SC
amdmftdecoder_64.dll - AMD MF Playback Decoder
amdmftdecoder_32.dll - AMD MF Playback Decoder
amdh264enc32.dll - AMD H.264 Encoder
amd_opencl64.dll - Khronos OpenCL ICD
amd_opencl32.dll - Khronos OpenCL ICD