What is a DLL File
Dll Errors

DLL is a file extension & known as "dynamic link library" file format used for holding multiple codes and procedures for Windows programs. PC users often see DLLs in error messages reporting that something is wrong with DLLs. When such happens, any software depending on a particular dll will fail to start or give errors, if the dll is missing or corrupt.

As a computer support specialists, I have built this website to help others easily solve their DLL problems. As of March 2024, Dll4Free.com provides 36585 unique DLL files available for free download.

DLL error messages

Before fixing the problem you should understand how those errors occur. Below is a list of some problems:

  • An application was uninstalled and deleted a .dll file required by another software.
  • A software was installed and overwrote the .dll file with an old version or a version that is not compatible with other applications.
  • Unsuccessful installation of a software damaged some files which results in dll errors.
  • Either you or a malicious program (spyware, adware, virus) deleted the .dll file.

Missing or damaged dll files are likely to cause errors. Dll4free provides the right platform for you to search and download free dll files. Start by searching our database for the required dll file and you can find detailed yet easy to follow instructions to fix the error permanently.

DLL File Developers
  • Microsoft Corporation
    Microsoft (10287 Files)msvcp140, vcruntime140, api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0, xlive
  • Intel Corporation
    Intel (837 Files)ialmrnt5, tbb, ijl10, hccutils
  • Hewlett-Packard
    Hewlett-Packard (HP) (802 Files)hpxp3390, hpzr3209, hpzidr12, hpzrp307
  • NVIDIA Corporation
    NVIDIA (728 Files)PhysXExtensions, PhysXLoader, openal32, NxCooking
  • Adobe Systems, Incorporated
    Adobe (703 Files)amtlib, aif_core, adobelinguistic, adobepdf
  • Symantec Corporation
    Symantec (663 Files)vpshellres, Comm, symcorpuires, smcres
  • Corel Corporation Limited
    Corel (624 Files)VGCore, CRLUTL, CdrContainer, CdrCpr
  • Nero AG
    Nero (546 Files)ogg, AdvrCntr4, AdvrCntr3, log4cxx
  • Sage Software, Inc.
    Sage Software (481 Files)sg50acc, sg50rg32, ZipUtil, ABUIHelper
  • Autodesk, Inc.
    Autodesk (456 Files)SetupUi, adlmint, anavres, adlmdll
  • VideoLAN Team
    VideoLAN (355 Files)libvlc, libvlccore, libtsplayer, npvlc
  • ArcSoft Inc.
    ArcSoft (351 Files)magcore, maguiinter, magpcmac, maguiengine
  • RealNetworks, Inc.
    RealNetworks (338 Files)cook, drvc, embd3260, rpmn3260
  • LEAD Technologies, Inc.
    LEAD Technologies (313 Files)ltkrn11n, ltfil14n, ltdis12n, Ltkrn15u
  • Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Software Foundation (291 Files)xerces-c_2_6, flash, xerces, BIB
  • Business Objects
    Business Objects (288 Files)u2lcom, CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine, CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms, crxf_pdf
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    AMD (279 Files)amd_ags_x64, atioglxx, ati2erec, ati3duag
  • Sony Pictures Digital Inc.
    Sony (241 Files)libScePad, aviplug, libtiff, forgek
  • The Document Foundation
    The Document Foundation (236 Files)sal3, neon, uwinapi, java_uno
  • Canon Inc.
    Canon (232 Files)cnqu70, pafcv2, ttunnel, scanintf
  • Nokia
    Nokia (231 Files)QtCore4, Live, QtGui4, QtXml4
  • Citrix Systems, Inc.
    Citrix Systems (230 Files)adpcm, mfaphook, zlc_sup, zlc_api
  • Seiko Epson Corp
    SEIKO EPSON (217 Files)picsdk, ecbteg, esuni, setup32
  • Creative Technology Ltd
    Creative Technology (216 Files)OpenAL32, eax, wrap_oal, SBAVMon
  • Lexmark International, Inc.
    Lexmark (203 Files)lxbkjswr, lxczutil, lxczdr5c, lxczmcro
  • Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
    Pinnacle Systems (193 Files)safireu, pcleutil, opengl, dal
  • The Qt Company Ltd
    The Qt (180 Files)Qt5Core, QtCore4, Qt5Widgets, Qt5Gui
  • Mozilla, Netscape
    Mozilla (169 Files)xul, mozcrt19, mozglue, xpcom
  • McAfee, Inc.
    McAfee (168 Files)mcshield, mcmscins, graphics, mcscan32
  • Ulead Systems, Inc.
    Ulead Systems (165 Files)u32prod, u32comm, u32cfg, u32file
  • AVG Technologies
    AVG (162 Files)avgklib, avgxch32, avgse, avgrep
  • Apple Computer, Inc.
    Apple (162 Files)CoreFoundation, iTunesMobileDevice, QTCF, SQLite3
New DLL Files
OxyPlot.dll - OxyPlot
Developer: OxyPlot · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 561.5KB
OxyPlot.WindowsForms.dll - OxyPlot.WindowsForms
Developer: OxyPlot.WindowsForms · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 26KB
Newtonsoft.Json.dll - Json.NET
Developer: Newtonsoft · Ver: 13.0.1 · Size: 685.5KB
Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll - Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler
Developer: GitHub Community · Ver: 2.10.1 · Size: 326KB
LibreHardwareMonitorLib.dll - LibreHardwareMonitorLib
Developer: LibreHardwareMonitorLib · Ver: 0.9.1 · Size: 700KB
HidSharp.dll - HidSharp
Developer: Illusory Studios · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 236.9KB
Aga.Controls.dll - Aga.Controls
Developer: Aga.Controls · Ver: 1.7.0 · Size: 143.5KB
Most Downloaded Files
Cufft64_10.dll - NVIDIA CUDA FFT Library
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 6.14.1 · Size: 145.1MB
Maxxbass.dll - MaxxBass
Developer: Waves Audio · Ver: 5.0.0 · Size: 1.1MB
Evr.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 766.7KB
Sisgrv.dll - SiS (R) Compatible Super VGA Dispaly Driver for Wi
Developer: Silicon Integrated Systems · Ver: 6.14.1 · Size: 1MB
DuiLib.dll - DuiLib
Developer: DuiLib · Ver: 10.1.5 · Size: 466.5KB
RGSS202J.dll - Ruby Game Scripting System
Developer: Enterbrain · Ver: 2.0.2 · Size: 835KB
Cards.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 5.1.26 · Size: 351.5KB
Dnssd.dll - Bonjour
Developer: Apple · Ver: 1.0.3 · Size: 52KB
Msxml4.dll - Microsoft(R) MSXML 4.0 SP 1
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 4.10.9 · Size: 1.2MB
Msvcp110_win.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 399KB
DirectShowSource.dll - Avisynth 2.5
Developer: The Public · Ver: 2.5.6 · Size: 84KB
Api-ms-win-core-string-l1-1-0.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 18.2KB
Dlportio.dll - DriverLINX Port I/O Driver
Developer: Scientific Software Tools · Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 34KB
Vox.dll - Adobe Audition™ German Language Module
Developer: Adobe · Ver: 1.5.41 · Size: 2.5KB
Log4net.dll - log4net
Developer: The Apache Software Foundation · Ver: 1.2.9 · Size: 244KB
Qmgr.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.2.26 · Size: 216.5KB
Tier0.dll - tier0_s Dynamic Link Library
Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 336KB
BugSplat.dll - BugSplat Dynamic Link Library
Developer: BugSplat · Ver: 3.3.2 · Size: 299KB
A3d.dll - Sensaura
Developer: Central Research Laboratories · Ver: 4.5.0 · Size: 324.4KB
Hpiscn.dll - hpiscn Module
Ver: 1.0.0 · Size: 552KB