Sony DLL Files
Sony Pictures Digital Inc.

Sony develops and manufactures audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. On this page you can find DLL files developed by Sony Pictures Digital Inc. Currently we have 241 files in our database available for free download which you can use to fix missing dll errors. Below is a list of dll modules for Sony software like; Pad for Windows (DLL), Sony Video For Windows 2 File Format, PMB, Sony Sound Forge or other related Windows programs which use the same dll files.

File Name Description Version Size
aacdecdll.dll Sony MPEG4 AAC Decoder 196.1KB
aifplug.dll Sony AIF File Format 372KB
AVIndexAccessor.dll PMB 734KB
AVIndexAccessor2.dll PMB 573.5KB
aviplug.dll Sony Video For Windows 2 File Format 980KB
AVIWriterCore.dll AVIWriterCore.dll 56KB
BDBurner.dll PMB 103.5KB
CameraContextMenu.dll PMB 116KB
CancelAutoPlay.dll PMB 43.5KB
capires0406.dll capires0406 28.1KB
capires0407.dll capires0407 32.1KB
capires0409.dll capires0409 28.1KB
capires040a.dll capires040a 32.1KB
capires040b.dll capires040b 28.1KB
capires040c.dll capires040c 32.1KB
capires0410.dll capires0410 32.1KB
capires0411.dll capires0411 24.1KB
capires0413.dll capires0413 32.1KB
capires0414.dll capires0414 28.1KB
capires041d.dll capires041d 28.1KB
capires0816.dll capires0816 32.1KB
cellphone_object.dll cellphone_object Module 364.1KB
chkfrnd.dll chkfrnd.dll 52KB
clema_fc.dll clema_fc library 2.0.1080 88KB
CLPATapeExpHDV.dll Picture Motion Browser 196KB
cmdlineext.dll 1.0.201 96KB
ContentEditor.dll PMB 33.5KB
cookie.dll cookie.dll 40KB
dac3d_mt.dll dac3d_mt.dll 80KB
dac3e_mt.dll dac3e_mt.dll 120KB
db_objects.dll DB_objects Module 120KB
DevdbAcc.dll PMB 3.7MB
diva.dll diva.dll 1.4MB
DrpAc3Engine.dll DrpAc3Engine.dll 60KB
DrpBasebandObject.dll DrpBasebandObject.dll 51KB
DrpCustomIpp.dll DrpCustomIPP.dll 840KB
DrpCustomIpp2.dll DrpCustomIPP2.dll 2.6MB
DrpDvAviEngine.dll DrpDvAviEngine.dll 52KB
DrpDvAviObject.dll DrpDvAviObject.dll 43.5KB
DrpDvAviRenderEngine.dll DrpDvAviRenderEngine.dll 44.5KB
DrpDvEngine.dll DrpDvEngine.dll 21KB
DrpGeneralObject.dll DrpGeneralObject.dll 45KB
DrpJpegEngine.dll DrpJpegEngine.dll 88KB
DrpMediaObject.dll DrpCreateMediaObject.dll 16.5KB
DrpMP4Engine.dll DrpMP4Engine.dll 404KB
DrpMP4Object.dll DrpMP4Object.dll 60KB
DrpMP4RenderEngine.dll DrpMP4RenderEngine.dll 356KB
DrpMpegEngine.dll DrpMpegEngine.dll 184KB
DrpMpegObject.dll DrpMpegObject.dll 84KB
DrpMpegRenderEngine.dll DrpMpegRenderEngine.dll 196KB
DrpPMediaReaderEngine.dll DrpPMediaReaderEngine.dll 33.5KB
DrpPreviewEngine.dll DrpPreviewEngine.dll 108KB
DrpRawDvEngine.dll DrpRawDvEngine.dll 30KB
DrpRawDVObject.dll DrpRawDvObject.dll 43.5KB
DrpSoundObject.dll DrpSoundObject.dll 29.5KB
DrpStillEngine.dll DrpStillEngine.dll 17.5KB
DrpStillObject.dll DrpStillObject.dll 41KB
DrpTiffEngine.dll DrpTiffEngine.dll 284KB
DrpTimelineObject.dll DrpTimelineObject.dll 37KB
DrpTimelinePreviewEngine.dll DrpTimelinePreviewEngine.dll 48KB
DrpTimelineRenderEngine.dll DrpTimelineRenderEngine.dll 84KB
DrpUtility.dll DrpUtility.dll 516KB
DrpWaveEngine.dll DrpWaveEngine.dll 13KB
DrpXML.dll DrpXML.dll 112KB
dvsysdat.dll Sony DV System Data Library 32KB
ecscm07q.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecscmext 120.1KB
ecscmbts.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecscmext 188KB
ecscmext.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecscmext 100KB
ecscmirc.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecscmext 124.1KB
ecscmskt.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecscmext 124.1KB
ecscmtpi.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecscmext 140.1KB
ecsmoddata.dll Teleca Software Solutions AB ecsmoddata 84KB
ecsnwext.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecsnwext 212KB
ecsphext.dll Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ecsphext 112KB
encvag.dll encvag.dll 147KB
epoc_object.dll EPOC_object Module 148.1KB
ErrorReport.dll Sony Creative Software Error Reporting Component 76.8KB
esirsock_object.dll ESIrSock_object Module 240KB
EsService.dll ES Service DLL 24.5KB
extmondrv.dll Sony External Monitor Drivers 592KB
fmgrgui.dll File Manager 296KB
fmgrguil.dll File Manager 152KB
fmgrobex.dll File Manager 76KB
fmprogui.dll File Manager 88KB
fmpruilg.dll File Manager 84KB
forgek.dll Sony Sound Forge 2.1MB
frgplugs.dll Sony Sound Forge 364KB
frgqz.dll Sony Sound Forge 196KB
g2plug.dll Sony Real G2 File Format 676KB
IFAutoCorrect.dll PMB 13.5KB
IFHls.dll PMB 34KB
IFRedEye.dll PMB 50KB
IFSharpness.dll PMB 31KB
IFToneCurve.dll PMB 48KB
libjpegDLL.dll PMB 306.5KB
libpad.dll libpad for Windows 67KB
libScePad.dll Pad for Windows (DLL) 113KB
libtiff.dll PMB 278.5KB
ListView.dll PMB 307KB
ListView2.dll PMB 399KB
m2tsplg.dll Video Capture Library 172KB
mcplug.dll Sony MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 File Format 840KB
MediaExporterCore.dll PMB 4MB
MediaImporterCore.dll PMB 2.1MB
MISS_APO.dll Sony MISS APO 885.5KB
mp3plug.dll Sony MPEG Layer 3 Library Rev. 2 1.3MB
mp3rw.dll Sony S4RW 996KB
mp4decoder_dllD.dll MPEG4 Studio Profile Software Decoder Dynamic Link Library 5.2MB
MpegTsMuxerDll.dll MpegTsMuxerDll.Dll 208KB
MpegTsMuxerModuleDll.dll MpegTsMuxerModuleDll.Dll 196KB
ms98irsock_object.dll MS98IrSock_object Module 240KB
msdvplg.dll Video Capture Library 172KB
msirsock_object.dll MSIrSock_object Module 240KB
msmeirsock_object.dll MSMEIrSock_object Module 264KB
MuiCreator.dll MuiCreator ダイナミック リンク ライブラリ 389KB
npsoe.dll SOE Web Installer 148.8KB
npsoeact.dll SOE Web Installer 291.8KB
obex_object.dll obex_object Module 168.1KB
obexsyncreq_object.dll obexsyncreq_object Module 332.1KB
oggplug.dll Sony Ogg Vorbis File Format 1.3MB
ParseMP4.dll PMB 83.5KB
paul.dll SecuROM Activate & Play 821.4KB
phonebook_object.dll phonebook_object Module 180.1KB
phonenamedb_object.dll PhoneNameDB_object Module 84KB
PMB360VideoConvertToolLOC.dll 360 VideoConvertTool 144KB
PMB360VideoPlayerLOC.dll PMB 3KB
PMBAnnounceRes.dll PMB 29KB
PMBAVCHDPlayerLOC.dll Player for AVCHD 8MB
PMBBrowserLOC.dll PMB 126.5KB
PMBContentAnalyzerLOC.dll PMB 3.5KB
PMBDiscImporterLOC.dll PMB 246KB
PMBDiscMakerLOC.dll PMB 937.5KB
PMBG4ExporterLOC.dll PMB 8.5KB
PMBGPSMatchRes.dll PMB 13KB
PMBGPSSupportToolRes.dll PMB 2.5KB
PMBHDAuthorLOC.dll PMB 1007KB
PMBInitLOC.dll PMB 27.5KB
PMBLocaleSetting.dll PMB 100.5KB
PMBLocaleSettingLOC.dll PMB 876.5KB
PMBMediaExporterLOC.dll PMB 4KB
PMBMediaImporterLOC.dll PMB 7KB
PMBMediaSelectorLOC.dll PMB 2.5KB
PMBMPEG2ConversionLOC.dll PMB 31KB
PMBMusicTransferRes.dll PMB 969.5KB
PMBOneTouchClientLOC.dll PMB 1.3MB
PMBSettingsToolLOC.dll PMB 11.5KB
PMBSlideshowLOC.dll PMB 108KB
PMBTapeCam.dll Picture Motion Browser 240KB
PMBTapeImporterLOC.dll Picture Motion Browser 672KB
PMBVideoCombiningLOC.dll PMB 4KB
PMBVideoDecoder.dll PMB 1.1MB
PMBVideoDiscCopierLOC.dll Video Disc Copier 1.6MB
PMBVideoTrimmingLOC.dll PMB 65.5KB
PMBVolumeWatcherLOC.dll PMB 296.5KB
PMBWMVConversionLOC.dll PMB 30KB
qt5plug.dll Sony QuickTime 5 File Format 688KB
rawplug.dll Sony Raw File Format 332KB
rm9plug.dll Sony RealMedia 9 File Format 568KB
SaCdaPlay.dll PMB 49.5KB
SaDsPlay.dll PMB 96KB
SaEncoder.dll PMB 111.5KB
savce.dll savce.dll 2.6MB
sctplug.dll Scott Studios Wave File Format 384KB
SDAuthor.dll SDAuthor.dll 660KB
sendcom.dll Sony Send Command DLL 48KB
ServiceMailSender.dll PMB 2.4MB
settings_object.dll settings_object Module 884.1KB
setuphk.dll Sony Install Launcher 68KB
sfapprw.dll Sony S4RW 2.2MB
sfcdi.dll Sony CD Interface 552KB
sfcdx.dll Sony CD UI 600KB
sfconfigmgr.dll Sony Configuration Manager Component 200KB
sffrgpnv.dll Sound Forge Pan and Volume 1 416KB
sfhammer.dll Sony Wave Hammer 496KB
sflgaplg.dll Legacy Audio File Format 364KB
sfmarket2.dll Sony Marketing Component 912KB
sfmirror.dll Sony Acoustic Mirror 624KB
sfpaplug.dll Perfect Clarity Audio File Format 536KB
sfppack1.dll Sony XFX 1 Plug-In Pack 612KB
sfppack1_x64.dll Sony XFX 1 Plug-In Pack 3.6MB
sfppack2.dll Sony XFX 2 Plug-In Pack 812KB
sfppack3.dll Sony XFX 3 Plug-In Pack 568KB
SFSS_APO.dll Sony SFSS APO 925.5KB
sfvstwrap.dll Sony VST Wrapper 4.7MB
sfxpfx1.dll Sony ExpressFX 1 468KB
sfxpfx2.dll Sony ExpressFX 2 468KB
sfxpfx3.dll Sony ExpressFX 3 580KB
sgcudme.dll sgcudme.dll 291.5KB
sgpuclb.dll sgpuclb.dll 115.5KB
sms_object.dll sms_object Module 212.1KB
smvd2.dll sonymvd2.dll 204KB
smvd2ex.dll sonymvd2.dll 208KB
smvd4.dll sonymvd4.dll 220KB
smve2.dll smve2.dll 1.1MB
snymsico.dll Sony Memory Stick ICON 88KB
sony4vea.dll sony4vea.dll 940KB

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New DLL Files
NvCamera64.dll - NVIDIA Camera
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.77 · Size: 8.3MB
NvCamera32.dll - NVIDIA Camera
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.77 · Size: 7.7MB
NvBatteryBoostCheck64.dll - NVIDIA Backend
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 31.2.0 · Size: 505.5KB
NvBackendExt.dll - NVIDIA Install Application
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 2.1002 · Size: 901.9KB
NvBackendAPI64.dll - NVIDIA Backend
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 31.2.0 · Size: 1.3MB
NvBackendAPI32.dll - NVIDIA Backend
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 31.2.0 · Size: 943KB
Most Downloaded Files
CoreFoundation.dll - CoreFoundation
Developer: Apple · Ver: 1.750 · Size: 1.6MB
Msvcp140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 429.3KB
Vcruntime140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 87.2KB
Api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 22.7KB
Xlive.dll - Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 2.0.68 · Size: 13.6MB
Binkw32.dll - Bink
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 279.5KB
Mss32.dll - Miles Sound System
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 9.3.0 · Size: 436.5KB