Lexmark DLL Files
Lexmark International, Inc.

Lexmark creates innovative imaging solutions and technologies that help you print, secure and manage information with ease, efficiency. On this page you can find DLL files developed by Lexmark International, Inc. Currently we have 203 files in our database available for free download which you can use to fix missing dll errors. Below is a list of dll modules for Lexmark software like; jsw resource DLL, utilities DLL, Lexmark 1200 Series, WIA Micro Driver DLL or other related Windows programs which use the same dll files.

File Name Description Version Size
agprtgui.dll MarkVision Printer Utility 349.5KB
cq70icur.dll Compaq IJ700 System Driver IJ Core 360KB
cq75icur.dll Compaq IJ750 System Driver IJ Core 360KB
cq90icur.dll Compaq IJ900 System Driver IJ Core 360KB
DLAA1drs.dll Data Retrieval Library 749KB
DLAA1mini.dll WIA Mini Driver 224.5KB
DLAA1res.dll Local Scan Resource 5.1MB
DLAA1uict.dll WIA UI Controller 83.5KB
DLAA1view.dll WIA UI DLL 196KB
DLAA1werr.dll WIA Error Handler 18.5KB
DLAA2drs.dll Data Retrieval Library 731KB
DLAA2mini.dll WIA Mini Driver 224.5KB
DLAA2res.dll Local Scan Resource 5.1MB
DLAA2uict.dll WIA UI Controller 83.5KB
DLAA2view.dll WIA UI DLL 196KB
DLAA2werr.dll WIA Error Handler 18.5KB
DLAA3drs.dll Data Retrieval Library 731KB
DLAA3mini.dll WIA Mini Driver 224.5KB
DLAA3res.dll Local Scan Resource 5.1MB
DLAA3uict.dll WIA UI Controller 83.5KB
DLAA3view.dll WIA UI DLL 196KB
DLAA3werr.dll WIA Error Handler 18.5KB
lexdwnld.dll Microsoft Windows(TM) Operating System 11.5KB
lexedf.dll Lexmark International EDF Utility 420KB
lxa1comc.dll Lexmark Communication System 600.5KB
lxa1usb1.dll Lexmark Communication System 593KB
lxa1WIA.dll Lexmark WIA Microdriver 77KB
lxa2comc.dll Lexmark Communication System 99.99.99 738KB
lxa2iobj.dll Lexmark Communication System 99.99.99 309.5KB
lxa2usb1.dll Lexmark Communication System 99.99.99 594.5KB
lxa2WIA.dll Lexmark WIA Microdriver 76KB
lxa3comc.dll Lexmark Communication System 99.99.99 738.5KB
lxa3iobj.dll Lexmark Communication System 99.99.99 310KB
lxa3usb1.dll Lexmark Communication System 99.99.99 594.5KB
lxa3WIA.dll Lexmark WIA Microdriver 76.5KB
lxa4drs.dll DRS Dynamic Link Library 253.5KB
lxa4WIA.dll Lexmark WIA Microdriver 125.5KB
lxa5drs.dll DRS Dynamic Link Library 253.5KB
lxa5WIA.dll Lexmark WIA Microdriver 125KB
LXAA1_iesc.dll Lexmark Communication System 143KB
LXAA1_serv.dll Lexmark Communication System 676.5KB
LXAA1_usb1.dll Lexmark Communication System 396.5KB
LXAA1drs.dll Data Retrieval Library 749.5KB
LXAA1mini.dll WIA Mini Driver 224.5KB
LXAA1res.dll Local Scan Resource 5.1MB
LXAA1uict.dll WIA UI Controller 83.5KB
LXAA1view.dll WIA UI DLL 196KB
LXAA1werr.dll WIA Error Handler 18.5KB
LXAA2_iesc.dll Lexmark Communication System 143KB
LXAA2_serv.dll Lexmark Communication System 644.5KB
LXAA2_usb1.dll Lexmark Communication System 376.5KB
LXAA2drs.dll Data Retrieval Library 731KB
LXAA2mini.dll WIA Mini Driver 216KB
LXAA2res.dll Local Scan Resource 5.1MB
LXAA2uict.dll WIA UI Controller 83.5KB
LXAA2view.dll WIA UI DLL 196KB
LXAA2werr.dll WIA Error Handler 18.5KB
LXAA3_iesc.dll Lexmark Communication System 136.5KB
LXAA3_serv.dll Lexmark Communication System 676.5KB
LXAA3_usb1.dll Lexmark Communication System 396.5KB
LXAA3drs.dll Data Retrieval Library 749KB
LXAA3mini.dll WIA Mini Driver 224.5KB
LXAA3res.dll Local Scan Resource 5.1MB
LXAA3uict.dll WIA UI Controller 83.5KB
LXAA3view.dll WIA UI DLL 196KB
LXAA3werr.dll WIA Error Handler 18.5KB
LXAA4_iesc.dll Lexmark Communication System 136.5KB
LXAA4_serv.dll Lexmark Communication System 676.5KB
LXAA4_usb1.dll Lexmark Communication System 376.5KB
LXAA4drs.dll Data Retrieval Library 731KB
LXAA4mini.dll WIA Mini Driver 216KB
LXAA4res.dll Local Scan Resource 5.1MB
LXAA4uict.dll WIA UI Controller 83.5KB
LXAA4view.dll WIA UI DLL 196KB
LXAA4werr.dll WIA Error Handler 18.5KB
lxaaicur.dll Lexmark Z42 System Driver IJ Core 360KB
lxaasrdr.dll Lexmark Z42 Color Jetprinter 14KB
lxaasui.dll Lexmark Z42 Color Jetprinter 172.5KB
lxacicur.dll Lexmark Z52 System Driver IJ Core 360KB
lxacsrdr.dll Lexmark Z52 Color Jetprinter 14KB
lxacsui.dll Lexmark Z52 Color Jetprinter 172.5KB
lxadfcic.dll Lexmark Z12 System Driver HBP Formatter 164KB
lxadicur.dll Lexmark Z12 System Driver IJ Core 360KB
lxadsrdr.dll Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter 14KB
lxaefcic.dll Lexmark Z22-Z32 System Driver HBP Formatter 164KB
lxaesrdr.dll Lexmark Z22-Z32 Color Jetprinter 14KB
lxaufcic.dll Lexmark Z53 System Driver HBP Formatter 132KB
lxausrdr.dll Lexmark Z53 Color Jetprinter 17KB
lxausui.dll Lexmark Z53 Color Jetprinter 184.5KB
lxaxcomm.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 240KB
lxaxcu.dll Cu DLL 80KB
lxaxcur.dll Cu resource DLL 88KB
lxaxdr5c.dll Lexmark Z25-Z35 68KB
lxaxjsw.dll jsw DLL 132KB
lxaxlcnt.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 208KB
lxaxlpa.dll lpa DLL 844KB
lxaxpmnt.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 272KB
lxaxpwr.dll Lexmark POR monitor 72KB
lxbfcinf.dll 56KB
lxbfcoin.dll 48KB
lxbfcomm.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 280KB
lxbfcu.dll Cu DLL 68KB
lxbfcur.dll Cu resource DLL 88KB
lxbfdr5c.dll Lexmark X6100 Series 85KB
lxbficur.dll Lexmark XTBD 260KB
lxbfjsw.dll jsw DLL 108KB
lxbflcnt.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 212KB
lxbflpa.dll lpa DLL 800KB
lxbfmcro.dll WIA Micro Driver DLL 19.5KB
lxbfpmnt.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 280KB
lxbfprp.dll prop DLL 452KB
lxbfpsw.dll psw DLL 296KB
lxbfpwr.dll Lexmark POR monitor 72KB
lxbfscin.dll 68KB
lxbfstrn.dll Lexmark X6100 Series 839KB
lxbfupd.dll web update DLL 72KB
lxbfutil.dll utilities DLL 344KB
lxbgicur.dll LXBG 284KB
lxbkcinf.dll 56KB
lxbkcomm.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 280KB
lxbkcu.dll Cu DLL 68KB
lxbkicur.dll Lexmark X74-X75 432KB
lxbkjsw.dll jsw DLL 108KB
lxbkjswr.dll jsw resource DLL 444KB
lxbklcnt.dll LCNA for Windows (32 bit) 212KB
lxbklpar.dll Lpa resource DLL 4.5MB
lxbkprp.dll prop DLL 440KB
lxbkprpr.dll Prop resource DLL 1.9MB
lxbkpsw.dll psw DLL 300KB
lxbkpswr.dll psw resource DLL 640KB
lxbkpwr.dll Lexmark POR monitor 72KB
lxbkstrn.dll Lexmark X1100 Series 839KB
lxbkui5c.dll Lexmark X1100 Series 48.5KB
lxbkupd.dll web update DLL 72KB
lxbkupdr.dll web resource DLL 188KB
lxbkutil.dll utilities DLL 344KB
lxcafcic.dll Lexmark Z11 System Driver HBP Formatter 156KB
lxczcoin.dll 48KB
lxczcur.dll Cu resource DLL 88KB
lxczdr5c.dll Lexmark 1200 Series 85KB
lxczfc5c.dll Lexmark Series 204KB
lxczjswr.dll jsw resource DLL 448KB
lxczmcro.dll WIA Micro Driver DLL 10.5KB
lxczpswr.dll psw resource DLL 640KB
lxczscin.dll 68KB
lxczstrn.dll Lexmark 1200 Series 839KB
lxczupdr.dll web resource DLL 188KB
lxczutil.dll utilities DLL 348KB
lxddactl.dll AIOC Ctrls DLL 352KB
lxddatg.dll AIOC TaskGUI DLL 120KB
lxddatw.dll AIOC TWAIN GUI DLL 112KB
lxddcfg.dll Lexmark International config 76.1KB
lxddcu.dll Cu DLL 4.24.177 76KB
lxddcub.dll CU bitmap resource DLL 4.24.177 84KB
lxddcur.dll Cu resource DLL 4.24.177 36KB
lxddinsr.dll Ins resource DLL 4.24.177 104KB
lxddjsw.dll jsw DLL 4.24.177 180KB
lxddlpa.dll lpa DLL 4.24.177 1.2MB
lxddlpab.dll LPA bitmap resource DLL 4.24.177 3.6MB
lxddprpb.dll PROP bitmap resource DLL 4.24.177 3.3MB
lxddpsw.dll psw DLL 4.24.177 576KB
lxddpswb.dll PSW bitmap resource DLL 4.24.177 1.3MB
lxddtime.dll Lexmark Connect 96KB
lxdduldr.dll Lexmark Connect 356KB
lxddupd.dll web update DLL 4.24.177 64KB
lxddutil.dll utilities DLL 4.24.177 496KB
lxdlactl.dll AIOC Ctrls DLL 352KB
lxdlafcn.dll AIOC Function DLL 252KB
lxdlatg.dll AIOC TaskGUI DLL 124KB
lxdlatgr.dll AIOC TaskGUI Res DLL 104KB
lxdlatw.dll AIOC TWAIN GUI DLL 112KB
lxdlcfg.dll Lexmark International config 76.1KB
lxdlcu.dll Cu DLL 5.219.0 76KB
lxdlins.dll ins DLL 5.219.0 172KB
lxdljsw.dll jsw DLL 5.219.0 192KB
lxdllpab.dll LPA bitmap resource DLL 5.219.0 3.5MB
lxdlpsw.dll psw DLL 5.219.0 612KB
lxdlupd.dll web update DLL 5.219.0 64KB
lxdlupdr.dll web resource DLL 5.219.0 88KB
lxkpclrd.dll Lexmark PCL Plug-in 21.5KB
lxkpclrs.dll Lexmark PCL driver 524KB
lxkpclui.dll Lexmark PCL Plug-in 692KB
lxkpsrd.dll Lexmark PostScript Rendering Plug-In 27.5KB
lxkpsui.dll Lexmark In-Box PostScript Plug-In Driver 748KB
LXKPTPRC.dll Lexmark Print Processor 88.5KB
LXKXLRD.dll Lexmark PCL Plug-in 22KB
LXKXLRES.dll Lexmark PCL-XL driver 336KB
LXKXLUI.dll Lexmark PCL Plug-in 692KB
lxmafcic.dll Lexmark 5700 System Driver HBP Formatter 124KB
lxmasui.dll Lexmark 5700 Color Jetprinter 173KB
lxmdsrdr.dll Lexmark Z31 Color Jetprinter 14KB
lxmdsui.dll Lexmark Z31 Color Jetprinter 172.5KB
LXPJLMW.dll Windows 8 Printer Driver 25KB
LXPTMV.dll Windows 8 Printer Driver 116.5KB
lxrofcic.dll Lexmark Z51 System Driver HBP Formatter 124KB
lxrosrdr.dll Lexmark Z51 Color Jetprinter 14KB
lxsdclr2.dll Lexmark System Drivers Type 2 Color Table Data 904KB
lxsupmon.dll Lexmark Supplies Monitor 61KB
lxsyicur.dll Lexmark 3200 System Driver IJ Core 360KB
lxsysui.dll Lexmark 3200 Color Jetprinter 172.5KB

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New DLL Files
NvCamera64.dll - NVIDIA Camera
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.77 · Size: 8.3MB
NvCamera32.dll - NVIDIA Camera
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.77 · Size: 7.7MB
NvBatteryBoostCheck64.dll - NVIDIA Backend
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 31.2.0 · Size: 505.5KB
NvBackendExt.dll - NVIDIA Install Application
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 2.1002 · Size: 901.9KB
NvBackendAPI64.dll - NVIDIA Backend
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 31.2.0 · Size: 1.3MB
NvBackendAPI32.dll - NVIDIA Backend
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 31.2.0 · Size: 943KB
Most Downloaded Files
CoreFoundation.dll - CoreFoundation
Developer: Apple · Ver: 1.750 · Size: 1.6MB
Msvcp140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 429.3KB
Vcruntime140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 87.2KB
Api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 22.7KB
Xlive.dll - Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 2.0.68 · Size: 13.6MB
Binkw32.dll - Bink
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 279.5KB
Mss32.dll - Miles Sound System
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 9.3.0 · Size: 436.5KB