DLL Files List Starting With b

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "B". Currently we have 915 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Microsoft, Broadcom, Borland and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
BioLayerAdapter.dll Hewlett-Packard (HP) Simple Pass 287.3KB
BIOSDomain.dll Hewlett-Packard (HP) HP ProtectTools Security Manager 138KB
BIOSDomainPlugin.dll Hewlett-Packard (HP) BIOSDomainPlugin Dynamic Link Library 152.6KB
BIOSDomainUI.dll Hewlett-Packard (HP) BIOSDomainUI Dynamic Link Library 94.1KB
bisrv.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 747.5KB
bit4p11.dll bit4id Universal Middleware 940KB
bitchfix.dll Microsoft Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec 406.5KB
bitcrusher.dll Steinberg Media Technologies Cubase/Nuendo 125.7KB
Bitmap.dll 561KB
bitmapbmp.dll Pure Motion BitmapBmp Module 40KB
bitmapjpeg.dll Pure Motion BitmapJpeg Module 92KB
bitmapquicktime.dll Pure Motion BitmapQuicktime Module 48KB
bitmapsource.dll Adobe Adobe Encore DVD 92KB
bitsigd.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 57KB
bitsmgr.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 86KB
bitsmig.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 75KB
bitsoc.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 16.5KB
bitsperf.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 21KB
BitsProxy.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 55.5KB
bitsprx2.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 7.5KB
bitsprx3.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 7KB
bitsprx4.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 13.5KB
bitsprx5.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 19.5KB
bitsprx6.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 11.5KB
bitsprx7.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 11KB
bitssrv.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 84.5KB
bitswarm.dll Microsoft Windows Live Mesh 427.8KB
bittransport.dll Kingsoft 金山卫士 201.4KB
bitw32.dll RIOS Systems RIOS Systems BitW32 49KB
bivbx11.dll Borland 80KB
biwinrt.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 185KB
bizdatamanager.dll Microsoft BizDataManager 440.1KB
bjablr32.dll Microsoft Microsoft Outlook 45.4KB
bjinst95.dll Canon BJ Raster Driver Installer 65KB
bkgnd.dll Noromaa Solutions 512KB
bkh.dll 36KB
blackbox.dll Microsoft Microsoft DRM 212KB
blackpipe.dll Microsoft Windows Live Mesh 129.3KB
BlackSatin_HighDPI.dll Mercury Dynamic Link Library 25MB
blade.dll 276.1KB
bladeenc.dll 516KB
bladeenci.dll Poikosoft Easy CD-DA Extractor 56KB
bladeencx.dll Poikosoft Easy CD-DA Extractor 48KB
blas_win32.dll 640KB
blb_ps.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 29KB
BlbEvents.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 33.5KB
blbres.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 2KB
bldwizmg.dll Microsoft Microsoft (R) Visual InterDev 48KB
blend32.dll Friendly Software AboutGolf.com Golf Game 32KB
BlendThumb.dll Blender Foundation Blender 51.2KB
BlendThumb64.dll Blender Foundation Blender 98.5KB
BlendTool.dll Corel Corel Graphics Applications 308KB
BlendToolCore.dll Corel Corel Graphics Applications 92KB
blnd42.dll Spatial Technology 1.1MB
blnd51.dll Spatial Technology 1.6MB
blnd62.dll Spatial Technology 1.9MB
blnmgr.dll Microsoft Microsoft Office 2003 59.6KB
blnmgrps.dll Microsoft Microsoft Office 2003 45.1KB
blobudflib.dll Kevin Burge BlobUDFLib 63KB
blockoverlap.dll A.G.Balakhnin BlockOverlap 56KB
blondak_apro.dll 232KB
blServer.dll Sage Software Billing 931.8KB
blt80.dll The BLT Special Interest Group BLT 8.0 for Windows 324KB
blue.dll Rop Papen Concrete FX 2.9MB
blue_ss.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 353KB
bluectrl.dll digilogue Digital Audio Recording Systems Blue-Line PlugPack 1.0 116KB
bluestreak.dll Viewpoint BlueStreak 364KB
BluetoothApis.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 75KB
BluetoothDesktopHandlers.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 44KB
blw32.dll Borland 44.5KB
bmapi.dll Broadcom Broadcom Management Application Programming Interface 857.5KB
bminstall.dll Bytemobile Bytemobile Optimization Client 288KB
bmixer.dll Borg Wrapper for windows sound mixer. 32KB
BmlDataCarousel.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 293.5KB
bmp.dll Microsoft Microsoft ActiveSync 20.1KB
bmpfilter.dll MMedia Research BMPFILTER Dynamic Link Library 29.5KB
BmSysCheckDll.dll Rocksteady Studios BmSysCheckDll 109.3KB
bmv310.dll 186.5KB
bn.dll 63.5KB
bnclient.dll 128.1KB

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DLL Developers
New DLL Files
BlendThumb.dll - Blender
Developer: Blender Foundation · Ver: 1.4.0 · Size: 51.2KB
Bci.dll - Java(TM) Platform SE 8
Developer: Oracle · Ver: 8.0.77 · Size: 16.5KB
Bink2w64.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 2.5.16 · Size: 363.5KB
Bink2w64.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 2020.9 · Size: 385.7KB
Branch_io_toolkit.dll - Lightroom
Developer: Adobe · Ver: 3.2.0 · Size: 1.2MB
Bdcap32.dll - bandi capture library
Developer: Bandisoft · Ver: 1.6.3 · Size: 7.3MB
BugTrap.dll - BugTrap
Developer: IntelleSoft · Ver: 1.3.37 · Size: 278.8KB
Most Downloaded
Binkw32.dll - Bink
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 279.5KB
Bink2w64.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 1.999 · Size: 427.5KB
Bcrypt.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.3.96 · Size: 108.5KB
Bjablr32.dll - Microsoft Outlook
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.2 · Size: 45.4KB
Bfcprt.dll - Application Specific CRT
Developer: Dice · Ver: 7.0.0 · Size: 456KB
BugSplat.dll - BugSplat Dynamic Link Library
Developer: BugSplat · Ver: 3.3.2 · Size: 299KB
Bugtrap.dll - BugTrap
Developer: IntelleSoft · Ver: 1.2.28 · Size: 225.5KB
Base.dll - avast! Antivirus
Developer: AVAST Software · Ver: 9.0.20 · Size: 59.2KB
Bink2w32.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 2.2.3 · Size: 330.5KB