DLL Files List Starting With b

On this page you can find and download DLL files starting with the letter "B". Currently we have 915 free dll files in our database which you can use to fix missing dll errors for software developed by Un4seen Developments, Native Instruments Software, Microsoft and many others. Please select a file from the below list or search using the form at the top of the page.

File Name Developer Software Size
baspxp64.dll Broadcom Broadcom Advanved Server Program Dynamic Link Library 239KB
bass.dll Un4seen Developments 105.1KB
Bass64.dll Un4seen Developments 138KB
bass_aac.dll MaresWEB BASS_AAC 147KB
bass_ac3.dll MaresWEB BASS_AC3 16.3KB
bass_alac.dll MaresWEB BASS_ALAC 12.5KB
bass_cda.dll Un4seen Developments 17.1KB
bass_enc.dll Un4seen Developments 12.1KB
bass_flac.dll Un4seen Developments 23.1KB
bass_fx.dll JOBnik 30.6KB
bass_hls.dll Un4seen Developments 10.7KB
bass_midi.dll Un4seen Developments 48.3KB
bass_mpc.dll MaresWEB BASS_MPC 20.8KB
bass_ofr.dll MaresWEB BASS_OFR 5.8KB
bass_opus.dll Un4seen Developments 67.8KB
bass_spx.dll MaresWEB BASS_SPX 46.8KB
bass_tta.dll MaresWEB BASS_TTA 8.5KB
bass_wma.dll Un4seen Developments 16.1KB
bass_wv.dll MaresWEB BASS_WV 27.4KB
basscd.dll Un4seen Developments 16.6KB
basschorus2.dll 971.5KB
basschorusv22.dll 966KB
bassenc.dll Un4seen Developments 10.1KB
bassflac.dll Un4seen Developments 24.6KB
bassmidi.dll Un4seen Developments 26.6KB
bassmix.dll Un4seen Developments 18.1KB
bassmod.dll 36KB
bassopus.dll Un4seen Developments 57.6KB
basswasapi.dll Un4seen Developments 11.6KB
basswma.dll Un4seen Developments 17.1KB
basswv.dll Un4seen Developments 25.3KB
Batch.dll Adobe Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 1.7MB
batchaction.dll 12KB
batchcharge.dll 16KB
batchcommand.dll 24KB
BatchConvert.dll ArcSoft BatchConvert 106.5KB
batchprovisioning.dll 16KB
BatchRename.dll ArcSoft BatchRename 106.5KB
BatchResize.dll ArcSoft BatchResize 126.5KB
batmeter.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 1.9MB
batpgp55.dll 52KB
batpgp60.dll 80KB
batpgp65.dll 80KB
BATPlugin.dll Samsung Kies.Plugin.BATPlugin 69KB
batt.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 8.5KB
battery.dll Native Instruments Software BATTERY 2.4MB
battery2vst.dll Native Instruments Software Native Instruments Battery 2 13.4MB
BatteryFlyoutExperience.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 710.5KB
battle.net.dll Blizzard Entertainment 6.9MB
battle_interface.dll 172KB
BattleEye_Client.dll 74.3KB
battman.dll Autodesk AutoCAD 24KB
battmanres.dll Autodesk AutoCAD 32.1KB
bavaria.dll 80KB
BavIPC.dll Baidu Baidu Antivirus 481.4KB
bayesflt.dll Mozilla Mozilla 17.1KB
bb_support.dll 24KB
bbcore20.dll Microsoft Microsoft (R) BBT 527.5KB
BBCpl.dll McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 109.3KB
bbdatafeed.dll 28KB
bbdmux.dll 76KB
bbdx8.dll 276KB
bbkeys.dll 15KB
bblsrvdl.dll Bibliothèque de liaison dynamique BBLSRVDL 228KB
bbmonitor.dll 24KB
bboard.dll Microsoft Microsoft (R) Visual Studio 3.7MB
bbrgen.dll Symantec SPBBC 446.8KB
BBV.Framework.dll BBV.Framework 28.5KB
bc30rtl.dll 140.4KB
bc450rtl.dll 215.5KB
Bc520rtl.dll 224.5KB
bcastdvr.proxy.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 42.5KB
bcaut.dll Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 572KB
bcbmm.dll 16.5KB
bcd.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 95.4KB
bcdeditai.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 279KB
bcdprov.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 81.5KB
bcdsrv.dll Microsoft Microsoft Windows 87.5KB
BCEnginezf.dll Electronic Arts EA Sports™ FIFA 15 Demo 1.1MB
bcg590.dll SpeedProject BCGControlBar Shared Library 617.6KB

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DLL Developers
New DLL Files
BlendThumb.dll - Blender
Developer: Blender Foundation · Ver: 1.4.0 · Size: 51.2KB
Bci.dll - Java(TM) Platform SE 8
Developer: Oracle · Ver: 8.0.77 · Size: 16.5KB
Bink2w64.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 2.5.16 · Size: 363.5KB
Bink2w64.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 2020.9 · Size: 385.7KB
Branch_io_toolkit.dll - Lightroom
Developer: Adobe · Ver: 3.2.0 · Size: 1.2MB
Bdcap32.dll - bandi capture library
Developer: Bandisoft · Ver: 1.6.3 · Size: 7.3MB
BugTrap.dll - BugTrap
Developer: IntelleSoft · Ver: 1.3.37 · Size: 278.8KB
Most Downloaded
Binkw32.dll - Bink
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 279.5KB
Bink2w64.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 1.999 · Size: 427.5KB
Bcrypt.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 6.3.96 · Size: 108.5KB
Bjablr32.dll - Microsoft Outlook
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.2 · Size: 45.4KB
Bfcprt.dll - Application Specific CRT
Developer: Dice · Ver: 7.0.0 · Size: 456KB
BugSplat.dll - BugSplat Dynamic Link Library
Developer: BugSplat · Ver: 3.3.2 · Size: 299KB
Bugtrap.dll - BugTrap
Developer: IntelleSoft · Ver: 1.2.28 · Size: 225.5KB
Bink2w32.dll - Bink and Smacker
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 2.2.3 · Size: 330.5KB
Base.dll - avast! Antivirus
Developer: AVAST Software · Ver: 9.0.20 · Size: 59.2KB