ActiveState DLL Files
ActiveState Corp.

ActiveState Software Inc. is a Canadian software company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. It develops, sells, and supports cross-platform development tools for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl, as well as language distributions and enterprise services. On this page you can find DLL files developed by ActiveState Corp. Currently we have 21 files in our database available for free download which you can use to fix missing dll errors. Below is a list of dll modules for ActiveState software like; Tcl 8.4 for Windows, ActivePerl, Perl C Runtime DLL, Tcl 8.6 for Windows or other related Windows programs which use the same dll files.

File Name Description Version Size
dbi.dll Python extension 24.1KB
perfmondata.dll Python extension 24.1KB
perl514.dll ActivePerl 1.2MB
perl56.dll ActivePerl 648KB
perl58.dll ActivePerl 740.1KB
perlcrt.dll Perl C Runtime DLL 273.5KB
perlez.dll ActivePerl 54KB
perlmsg.dll Perl for Win32 28KB
perlse.dll ActivePerl 208.5KB
pythoncom.dll Python extension 316.1KB
pythoncom22.dll Python extension 292.1KB
pywintypes22.dll Python extension 64KB
scintilla.dll Python extension 131KB
tcl84.dll Tcl 8.4 for Windows 756KB
tcl85.dll Tcl 8.5 for Windows 847.5KB
tcl86.dll Tcl 8.6 for Windows 1.6MB
tcl86t.dll Tcl 8.6 for Windows 1.3MB
tk84.dll Tk 8.4 for Windows 1014.5KB
tk85.dll Tk 8.5 for Windows 1.3MB
tk86.dll Tk 8.6 for Windows 1.5MB
tk86t.dll Tk 8.6 for Windows 1.5MB
New DLL Files
Poco.dll - POCO C++ Libraries -
Developer: Applied Informatics Software · Ver: 1.7.9 · Size: 4.9MB
PinPairPlugin.dll - NVIDIA Stream Pin Pair Plugin
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 7.1.24 · Size: 2.6MB
PhysxExt.dll - NVIDIA Install Application
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 2.1002 · Size: 2.8MB
PhysXUpdateLoader64.dll - PhysXUpdateLoader DLL
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 1.3.0 · Size: 96.9KB
PhysXUpdateLoader.dll - PhysXUpdateLoader DLL
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 1.3.0 · Size: 82.1KB
PhysXLoader64.dll - PhysXLoader 64bit Dynamic Link Library
Developer: NVIDIA · Ver: 2.8.4 · Size: 72.9KB
Most Downloaded Files
CoreFoundation.dll - CoreFoundation
Developer: Apple · Ver: 1.750 · Size: 1.6MB
Msvcp140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 429.3KB
Vcruntime140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 87.2KB
Api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 22.7KB
Xlive.dll - Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 2.0.68 · Size: 13.6MB
Binkw32.dll - Bink
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 279.5KB
Mss32.dll - Miles Sound System
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 9.3.0 · Size: 436.5KB