Steve Harris DLL Files

On this page you can find DLL files developed by Steve Harris. Currently we have 70 files in our database available for free download which you can use to fix missing dll errors. Below is a list of dll modules for Steve Harris software like; LADSPA DLL (x64) or other related Windows programs which use the same dll files.

File Name Description Version Size
alias_1407.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57KB
allpass_1895.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 77KB
amp_1181.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 66KB
analogue_osc_1416.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 69KB
bandpass_a_iir_1893.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 74.5KB
bandpass_iir_1892.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 77.5KB
bode_shifter_cv_1432.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 67KB
butterworth_1902.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 73KB
comb_1190.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 61.5KB
comb_1887.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 76.5KB
comb_splitter_1411.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 61.5KB
crossover_dist_1404.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 58KB
decay_1886.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 63KB
decimator_1202.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 65KB
declip_1195.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 58KB
delay_1898.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 69KB
dj_eq_1901.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 83KB
dj_flanger_1438.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 62KB
dyson_compress_1403.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 74.5KB
fast_lookahead_limiter_1913.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 71.5KB
flanger_1191.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 61.5KB
foldover_1213.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57.5KB
foverdrive_1196.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57.5KB
freq_tracker_1418.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 58.5KB
giant_flange_1437.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 60.5KB
gong_1424.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 64.5KB
gong_beater_1439.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 67.5KB
gverb_1216.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 78KB
hard_limiter_1413.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 64.5KB
hermes_filter_1200.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 91.5KB
highpass_iir_1890.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 76.5KB
hilbert_1440.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 58KB
imp_1199.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 357.5KB
impulse_1885.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57KB
inv_1429.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57KB
karaoke_1409.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 65KB
lcr_delay_1436.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 74.5KB
lowpass_iir_1891.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 76.5KB
ls_filter_1908.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 70.5KB
matrix_ms_st_1421.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57.5KB
matrix_spatialiser_1422.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 59.5KB
matrix_st_ms_1420.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 58KB
mbeq_1197.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 76KB
phasers_1217.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 73.5KB
pitch_scale_1193.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 79.5KB
pitch_scale_1194.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 79.5KB
plate_1423.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 70KB
pointer_cast_1910.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 71.5KB
rate_shifter_1417.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 60KB
retro_flange_1208.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 64.5KB
revdelay_1605.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 72.5KB
ringmod_1188.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 69KB
satan_maximiser_1408.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 68KB
sc1_1425.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 72KB
sc2_1426.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 72KB
sc3_1427.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 72.5KB
sc4_1882.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 73.5KB
sc4m_1916.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 73KB
se4_1883.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 73KB
single_para_1203.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 73KB
sinus_wavewrapper_1198.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 64.5KB
smooth_decimate_1414.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 59.5KB
svf_1214.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 71KB
tape_delay_1211.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 70KB
transient_1206.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 59KB
triple_para_1204.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 81.5KB
valve_rect_1405.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 59KB
vynil_1905.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 79KB
wave_terrain_1412.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57.5KB
zm1_1428.dll LADSPA DLL (x64) 57KB
New DLL Files
OxyPlot.dll - OxyPlot
Developer: OxyPlot · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 561.5KB
OxyPlot.WindowsForms.dll - OxyPlot.WindowsForms
Developer: OxyPlot.WindowsForms · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 26KB
Newtonsoft.Json.dll - Json.NET
Developer: Newtonsoft · Ver: 13.0.1 · Size: 685.5KB
Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll - Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler
Developer: GitHub Community · Ver: 2.10.1 · Size: 326KB
LibreHardwareMonitorLib.dll - LibreHardwareMonitorLib
Developer: LibreHardwareMonitorLib · Ver: 0.9.1 · Size: 700KB
HidSharp.dll - HidSharp
Developer: Illusory Studios · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 236.9KB
Most Downloaded Files
CoreFoundation.dll - CoreFoundation
Developer: Apple · Ver: 1.750 · Size: 1.6MB
Msvcp140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 429.3KB
Vcruntime140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 87.2KB
Api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 22.7KB
Xlive.dll - Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 2.0.68 · Size: 13.6MB
Binkw32.dll - Bink
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 279.5KB
Mss32.dll - Miles Sound System
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 9.3.0 · Size: 436.5KB