AIMP DevTeam DLL Files
AIMP DevTeam

AIMP (Artem Izmaylov Media Player) is a freeware audio player for Windows and Android, originally developed by Russian developer Artem Izmaylov. The first version of AIMP was released on August 8, 2006. AIMP was initially based on the BASS audio library. On this page you can find DLL files developed by AIMP DevTeam. Currently we have 17 files in our database available for free download which you can use to fix missing dll errors. Below is a list of dll modules for AIMP DevTeam software like; AIMP, AIMP3, AIMP2 or other related Windows programs which use the same dll files.

File Name Description Version Size
AIMP.Runtime.dll AIMP3 6.9MB
AIMP.Shared.dll AIMP 5.2MB
AIMP2.dll AIMP2 2.2MB
aimp_infobar.dll AIMP 127KB
aimp_inputFFmpeg.dll AIMP 111KB
aimp_lastfm.dll AIMP 366KB
aimp_library.dll AIMP2 330KB
aimp_menu32.dll AIMP 974KB
aimp_menu64.dll AIMP 1.4MB
aimp_mmk.dll AIMP2 16KB
aimp_mousehook.dll AIMP 68KB
aimp_onlineradio.dll AIMP2 50.5KB
aimp_sacd.dll AIMP 226KB
aimp_scheduler.dll AIMP2 42KB
aimp_shell.dll AIMP2 142KB
aimp_splashbar.dll AIMP2 43KB
aimp_update.dll AIMP2 49.5KB
New DLL Files
OxyPlot.dll - OxyPlot
Developer: OxyPlot · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 561.5KB
OxyPlot.WindowsForms.dll - OxyPlot.WindowsForms
Developer: OxyPlot.WindowsForms · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 26KB
Newtonsoft.Json.dll - Json.NET
Developer: Newtonsoft · Ver: 13.0.1 · Size: 685.5KB
Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll - Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler
Developer: GitHub Community · Ver: 2.10.1 · Size: 326KB
LibreHardwareMonitorLib.dll - LibreHardwareMonitorLib
Developer: LibreHardwareMonitorLib · Ver: 0.9.1 · Size: 700KB
HidSharp.dll - HidSharp
Developer: Illusory Studios · Ver: 2.1.0 · Size: 236.9KB
Most Downloaded Files
CoreFoundation.dll - CoreFoundation
Developer: Apple · Ver: 1.750 · Size: 1.6MB
Msvcp140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 429.3KB
Vcruntime140.dll - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 14.0.2 · Size: 87.2KB
Api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll - Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 10.0.1 · Size: 22.7KB
Xlive.dll - Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE
Developer: Microsoft · Ver: 2.0.68 · Size: 13.6MB
Binkw32.dll - Bink
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 3.0.0 · Size: 279.5KB
Mss32.dll - Miles Sound System
Developer: RAD Game Tools · Ver: 9.3.0 · Size: 436.5KB